Joidianne is the winner of Round 48Vol 2 – 28, and Vol 3 – 8. Read her #SixtySeconds interviews here (Nov 2013) and here (Jun 2014). She says:

I’m a 24 year old psychology student, but my passion has always been writing. I started thinking up stories as soon as I started reading, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that I started posting any after being encouraged by some good friends. I also dabble in poetry which can be found here


Vol 3 – 8: The Hanging Tree (Strange Things Did Happen Here) 

Matthew twisted the rope between his hands, ignoring the way that the fibres tugged at his skin as he looped it into a noose.

David watched him warily. “You sure this is gonna work?”

“It’s either this or you take your chances with the posse the Sherriff’s probably already put together,” Matthew responded before holding the noose out to his brother.

David grimaced, “You’ll be quick, won’t ya?”

“Ain’t gonna take but a second to get the picture done, then we can get it sent ‘round. Hopefully they’ll buy it.”

David didn’t say anything to that but he did pull the noose around his neck.

“You know I didn’t mean ta’ hurt her,” David whispered and Matthew sighed because David never meant to do any of the things he did.

“Come on, let’s get this done” he prodded finally and David rolled his shoulders before stepping onto the rock.

Matthew tightened the rope, fingers curling around the coil as David tried to catch his balance.

“You know I love ya, right kid?”

David nodded, “I’ll buy you a drink after this one. Ya done right by me, just like you promised Ma,” he admitted.

“And I ain’t about to break that promise,” Matthew whispered.

Then he kicked the rock away.



God Save the Queen (Vol 2 – 28)

When Disraeli approached Aasha in his quest to make a crown befitting of India’s new queen, she accepted.

She did not speak of her nights spent waiting on the dirty streets as her mother vanished into dark rooms with strange men, only to come back with barely enough to feed her family.

Aasha did not ask where this queen had been when their children were dying from hunger and disease.

She simply did what she was told.

She mixed her blood into the gold that coated its frame and whispered ancient prayers while she wove the fabric that would rest upon the queen’s head.

Aasha poured her heart into her work and when Disraeli handed it to the queen who accepted her offering with an arrogant nod, she smiled.

Aasha’s heart was a black and twisted thing that brought death to all who touched it… just like the poison with which she’d laced the crown.

No God would save this queen.


The Dollhouse (Round 48)

Matthew liked the old car, it never moved and it was a perfect hiding spot for his toys. Some days he’d sit on top of it and pick at the rust that peaked through its silver skin. It was a good place to play and his Daddy didn’t yell so loudly when Matthew told him he’d been playing with the car. His Daddy thought he was too old to be playing but Matthew knew he was wrong especially about the dolls.

Matthew had two of them now and he kept them inside the car, sitting them in the seats and buckling the seatbelts to make sure that they were safe. He’d had other dolls but he had to get rid of those because they got too dirty and if Matthew kept them for long they made the inside of the car messy and that just wouldn’t do. Momma said that cleanliness was next to Godliness and Matthew always listened to what his Momma said.

Momma didn’t talk as much now but that wasn’t strange, none of the pretty dolls that Matthew had talked. Maybe they were in awe of his beautiful car, after all Matthew had spent a lot of time cleaning it up to make it perfect and not everyone had a car as pretty as his.

Opening the door, Matthew sighed as he stared at his oldest doll. She was already getting so messy. It was a good thing that his daddy was sick; he’d need a new doll soon.

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