D.T. Nova

D.T. NovaD.T. is the winner of Vol 2 -48. He grew up with all kinds of science fiction ranging from The Caves of Steel to Grendizer. He was always creative as a child, and wrote Star Trek fanfiction for a school project at least once. He has always wanted to write and wishes he’d gotten serious about it sooner, but doesn’t think there is such a thing as too late.

His blog, which has more of his fiction and anything else he feels like writing about, is at http://novasaber.wordpress.com/

D.T. Nova’s (unpublished as of the time of this writing) science fiction novel(s), Project Quintessence, is about a family that takes in a young woman from another world, and the conflict they become involved in as a result.


The Greatest Treasure

Anna smiled at the chef. “They say that everyone who takes this train finds a great treasure. Are they talking about your soup?”

“I’m flattered, though I know you’re hoping I say no.”

“Your soup is your soup; it is unchanged either way. To find a series of increasingly greater treasures and continue to be told that they are still not the treasure would be a treasure in itself. Don’t you agree?”

“So you don’t want to find the greatest treasure of all?”

“I already have. I wish I hadn’t.”

“I don’t understand.”

No one ever did. How could they, if they hadn’t met the most perfect person in the world for themselves? And then been rejected. “They say ignorance is bliss. That’s not quite true. What I say is this: you have to be ignorant of bliss to settle for mere happiness.” But Anna still looked for the one who could improve on perfection.

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