Mark A. King

Mark KingI love the unusual. I am a fan of Speculative Fiction. What does this mean? It ranges from Horror, to Fantasy, to SF. I love all of the work on Flash! Friday (honestly). While I can’t remember ever reading a bad story, I’m more likely to be drawn to stories that inhabit this world, or versions of it, where the characters may seem to live mundane lives but strange events happen to them.

Either that, or stories that are dark, where I sense a character I care for is facing significant threat.
In my experience a winning story needs to be clever, but not too clever. One or two layers is good. Any more than that and they’ll get lost (a mistake I sometimes make). I love beautiful descriptions. I’m passionate about characters. About world building. About plot. I love writers that are brave enough to try something new. Sounds impossible? And with a microscopic word count – nah – you guys make it look easy. 

Mark A. King has cooked for royalty, played football for the England manager, sung to the Pope, and been held at gunpoint. All this was a long time ago, and now he enjoys worlds and characters far more bizarre, outlandish and alien – for these are the joys of Flash Fiction. He’s proud to be one of the founders of the #FlashDogs movement. He’s been published in Maudlin House & the FlashDogs Anthology, and had pending entries in Poised Pen Halloween Anthology, Untitled Charity Zombie Anthology and Luminous Creatures Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness. He also judges at The Red Line magazine and is delighted to be a Dragon Captain. He lives in Norfolk, UK, hiding from the psychotic calls of geese. Twitter: @Making_Fiction. Blog:

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