Maven Alysse

Maven AlysseMaven is the winner of Vol 2 – 1. She says: I’ve written fanfiction for years and years, but rarely ventured out into writing any original work. Flash fiction has given me that opportunity (and it’s not as scary as I thought it would be). I’m an avid play-tron at Renaissance Festivals and have a growing collection of cosplay outfits for various conventions. When I’m not dressing up or writing, I teach English and survive mostly on a diet of Dr. Pepper, coffee, and Subway sandwiches.

Here’s where I’ve been keeping all my stories, thus far.


From the Waters

Joyous laughter echoed across the water and soft childish murmurs cajoled and beckoned.

David’s head turned unconsciously, solemn eyes searching the shoreline, yearning clear in every line of his body.

Grandfather tossed the fish into the boat with a displeased grunt, reached over and wrapped a wide hand around a slender wrist, anchoring the boy to him.

A sigh hitched in the boy’s chest as he slumped and I felt myself echo it.

We were safe out here on the water, protected from whatever had started taking the town’s children, but it had taken a toll on David who’d become quieter and quieter over the months.

Each day, the laughter called and it became harder to keep the boy from joining those who’d disappeared.

I didn’t want to lose David, but as I looked into my son’s wan, unsmiling face, I wondered if it would be worth letting him go if it meant hearing his laughter once again.

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