Kevin S. Julien

Kevin JulienKevin found a knack for writing, and he keeps it in a cage so it doesn’t escape. He’s even learning to draw just for a new way to get stories out. He hopes to get published somewhere down the line. The world hopes so too.

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 Winner Round 19

If We Go Out, This Is Our Future


Mika was trying to whisper to me and she was being really obvious about it. It was bad enough that she insisted on coming to Mom’s wedding; now everyone thinks she’s my date. If anyone met her before today, it wouldn’t even be a thought. Now she’s just ANOTHER reason I’m in a cold sweat in a sea of amethyst dresses and ties.


“You think we can sneak out of here? I’m completely willing to hotwire a car.”

“Hey, YOU wanted to come. You can’t complain now, miss “I’m going to paint my nails for this.”

“That was before I knew your family was crazy!”

“Says she who had to be talked out of bringing their iguana. And less we forget that family reunion you brought me to…”

“Touché. But your family’s still nuts.”

My uncle was half asleep, but when he snapped awake, we held hands and watched the altar with stepford smiles – at least until he fell back asleep.

“You want to know why they’re nuts – especially today? Because this is her fourth wedding!”

“That’s not really a good reason –”

“– in TWO YEARS!”

Mika’s mouth dropped, and I politely closed it for her before one of the many mosquitoes decided to make a meal out of her tongue.

“These things ALWAYS go wrong and everyone tries their best to get out of it. I was trying to do the same – BUT NO! You had to burst in and go “Oh my god! Martin, can I go with you to this wedding?”

“I just wanted to go to a wedding that wasn’t at City Hall! And I didn’t expect to almost get called in to be a bridesmaid.”

“I guess you’re family now.”

“Shut up!”

A clamor at the front got our attention. My cousin, the ring bearer, was presenting the ring and his hair was starting to rise – he knows what happens around this point because he got the same chill that went down my neck when Mom’s hands started to shake.

“Were you serious about hotwiring a car?”

“What changed your mind?”

“Every time the wedding bombed, Mom’s hands shook before picking up the ring. She would then run away and we’d spend three days looking for her.”


“Yeah, and someone always got injured trying to stop her – or there’s fire.”


“The second one had tiki torches. The altar almost exploded.”

“So when do we go?”

“As soon as she runs past us. It’ll look like we’re trying to stop her.”

“So sneaky! Remind me why haven’t we gone out again?”

“Because crazy runs in BOTH our families and this might happen to us down the line?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right. Get ready; she’s starting to bail!”

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