Steph Ellis

Steph EllisI love stories that are different.  My personal tastes are eclectic, ranging from the Norse sagas and early Anglo-Saxon poetry to Dickens to Sansom to Gaiman and Pratchett with a large smorgasbord of Scandi-crime in between.    Anything that can create a new world for me to go and live in for a few minutes (flash) or a few hours and keep me there displaced from my own reality is, in my book, a successful story.  I must admit however, that I am not a big fan of romance, fluttering eyelids and heaving bosoms leave me cold; give me something with a hint of darkness, a touch of mystery and you’ll probably find you have a winner.


Steph Ellis – only ever called Stephanie by her dad when she was in trouble as a child – has been writing for a number of years: initially as a Technical Author, before moving into the more creative realms of poetry and short stories.  She has been formally submitting stories rooted in dark fiction and horror for the past 2 years and has achieved a certain amount of success with publication in a number of anthologies and magazines; her latest  is her story, “The Face Collector,” in Knightwatch Press’ Masks anthology to be launched at this years FantasyCon in the UK.  This year will also see the publication of Knightwatch Press’ Pun Book of Horror, an anthology which she both appears in and co-edited, a scary step forward.  Her writing habits are variable, either very driven when the dinner burns and the dust gathers, or with bouts of incredible self-doubt when the house becomes very clean but the pages remain blank.

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