Aria Glazki

Aria GlazkiI enjoy stories that have not only an intriguing premise, but also vivid descriptions and characters that suck a reader in, not to mention layers to your use of language. Aim for realistically motivated characters and efficiency in your word choice. Or don’t, and blow me away with something I don’t even know I’ll love!

I do value good mechanics, so please proofread!


Aria Glazki is a romance author with a Creative Writing degree from Brandeis University. In her time, she has run a literary magazine and been published in a few collections, including the inaugural Scripting Change project.  She loves well-told stories with complex, emotive, and evocative characters, and she has a particular soft spot for happy endings. Her debut novel, Mending Heartstrings, is scheduled to release this fall from Swoon Romance.

Aria is most easily found on her blog and Twitter.

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