Whitney Healy

Whitney Healy

I look for a story rich in rhetoric and language and heavy in detail. I also appreciate works that have a sort of rhythm to them, leaving the reader with an echo of what was written.


 I live in a small town in West Virginia with my husband Nick and our two hilarious cats, Rilo and Phantom. When I grow up, I’d like to be a published YA author, but for now I teach English 9 and 10 and Theater I and II at a local rural school. I value the time I have with my family; unique voices; Dove milk chocolates; literature involving a female very “in control” of her life, identity, and choices; performing in live theater; directing plays; and writing.

There’s little more satisfying than a completed product or show (except, of course, Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream or my Aunt Monti’s strawberry pretzel dessert).

I like writing flash fiction because it forces a writer to really choose words wisely, creating an intense lesson in diction. Additionally, flash fiction is an enjoyable genre for me to write because it “forces” me to write every week: a task I wish I could do more.

Currently, I’m working on a dystopian work and a fantasy work, each revolving around a female lead: I just need to finish them!

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