Kinza Carpenter Shores


 I look for clear, well-written passages that have a decently complete feel to them. I don’t want to be left grasping for more (unless its one of those exciting open-ended things :D).

I look for roughly good grammar, diction, and clarity. Mood, sentence structure, and an interesting plot. I want to be intrigued, but it doesn’t have to be some sort of twist (though I love those) as long as it causes me to think, react emotionally, or resonates with me in some way. I mean, if people want to try and get on my good side, they can always bribe me with horror or fantasy as long as either are well written 😉


SVW member Kinza is a 24 year old job-searching, creative writing scholarship-winning, Hollins University grad who owns two wonderful Siberian huskies (her babies!!) and has a wonderful, supportive, sweet husband.  She has now written ‘the end’ to TWO novels in her life, one in 9th grade (which she warns us is horrible horrible stuff >.<) and the other was the nuclear disaster (her words) she spewed last year through her first NaNoWriMo. She holds a BA in studio art and even now, draws everything she writes and writes everything she draws. While she pursues a graduate degree in animation, she is working on developing her animation portfolio, a webcomic, a graphic novel, and her NaNo novel.

See her artwork here.

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