Cindy Vaskova

Cindy Vaskova 2Cindy is the winner of Vol 2 – 6 and Vol 2 – 7. Read her fabulous #SixtySeconds interviews here and here.

She says:

I’m a student majoring in Journalism, which is something I’ve wanted to do probably since I was thirteen. I haven’t always had my way around with words; I was a very wild child when I was little and one could hardly make me study, write or read for that matter, until one day I simply did so, on my own. The first thing that I wrote was this story about a storm in Cairo that swipes away an entire expedition and is up to one man to find out the cause. Never saw the end of that one!

But it did give the start to something great, something very special that has been keeping me pleasantly busy.

I love writing and I love reading and I’m constantly in between the two in my free time, learning and putting the learnt into practice. So it’s pretty much a simple pattern: university, reading and writing- the three highlights.

I’ve been on Twitter for three years now (or is it four?) starting it in parallel with my blog, and I do prefer it. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but I can recognize the importance of such a social platform.

I live in Europe, in beautiful Bulgaria, and writing in English was a new experience and still is, because there is so much more to learn, but it’s the greatest exercise I’ve ever had in writing aspect!

There are some 60 pages of a small novel in the writing, and a great many serials and short stories in progress – I only wish one of them, someday, hits a spotlight. I’ve been a member of Friday Flash community which is a platform for flash fiction stories in every genre and has very welcoming and very talented writers participating. The majority of my posts there can be found over here at the very humble blog. You can find me mostly on TwitterI’m sometimes a geek and sometimes I post good stuff!



Vol 2 – 7: Some Men Would Let the World Burn

Let dollars be thrown in the air in celebration of the future, of prosperity and innovation, and let the electrical body be immortalized! Let men from each side of the world join hands and put great minds together to create and improve. But God let that be at a lower cost.

Oh, how each light bulb pulsates with power, so bright! So many!

In the crowd I am alone, amongst the buzzes and the clacks of apparatus modern and astonishing. Beyond that I see a society that does not abide by the rules given to it by Destiny. I breathe the air of its false utopia and it sickness me. I have seen a future of Godlike men, emotionless. So tell me Lady Republic, what shall I do to save you?

Ah, there comes old Moore, frightened and absurd. Is it the look of my own handmade apparatus?
“Visconti, wait! What are you doing?”

Salvaging, cleansing. Let it all burn.


Vol 2 – 6: Prometheus 

The hologram screen surrounding the serpent shaped contraption buzzed lightly as it transmitted a landscape view. Footsteps echoed up and down its metal stairs. Men, women and children frantically searched their ways back and forth walking the narrow rails of the machine.

“This is the work of a brute.” whimpered the creator, as exhausted he sat, marveling in tears his creation.

His “Prometheus” wouldn’t stop. This was the unintended consequence of his frivolous ambitious overreaching. These people, at the end they found themselves starting from the beginning, no memory of minutes ago, no concept of hours gone by. He had created the sort of cycle that destroyed their minds, trapping them in a limbo of repetitiveness in which they existed in their normality just for a split second. To fear.

Soon their system would catch on the anomaly, and they would die maddened and starved becoming mere shells of humans. And he would suffer the helpless observation of that process.


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