Brittni Hill

Brittni HillBrittni is the winner of Vol 2 – 47. Follow her at her blog, and be sure to read her Sixty Seconds interview here. She says:

I am a 32 year old Texas based lyricist, humorist, and showerhead rockstar, much to the dismay of my husband’s ears. No kids. Two dogs, one brilliant and one, well, Tony. Currently, I am getting my degree in Creative Writing. As a kid, I bought books by the dozen and often absorbed them whole in one sitting. I tended toward RL Stine, then Christopher Pike, although the odd Trixie Belden and LJ Smith sometimes found their way in. 
When I ran out of things to read, I picked up my Dad’s Anne Rice and Stephen King books. The librarian had quite a shock when I started trying to rent those in fourth and fifth grade! Eventually, my mother just came in and told her, “Whatever she wants to check out, she can read. She’s got my permission. Srsly, stop calling me each time to ask.”
Best mom ever, and perhaps the biggest reason I love writing today. You can find my children’s book about fairies in West Texas on Amazon under Millie Joe Myers and the Cowboy Fairy. As for my coming soon stuff, there is one finished book and three more ‘almost done’ books waiting in the wings for their day at bat. All in good time, which for a writer has the time frame reliability of a cable appointment, but hey, who’s counting? 




Seed of Life

The monk took another slice of the woman’s heavily petalled heart. She didn’t move. Her chin simply quivered.

Mikkal wished he could ease her pain. She had to be awake throughout this entire process. Her heart had to be flush and ripe with excitement, or this was all for naught.

He peeled away another layer, but still could not see the seed. Frustrated, he wondered how much more she had to sacrifice for the hearts of the nation.

Blood trickled down her arms from the shackles above her head. Her eyes fluttered. She was drowsy, but Mikkal pressed on.

Another slice.

And another.

Until finally, nestled between the last two slices of her heart, laid the seed. He slipped it in the mouth of the first stillborn child.

“Breathe!” He shouted. And it did.

They all did.

Parents cheered.

Silent amidst the celebration, Mikkal stared at the child with the seed. He did not look forward to their next meeting.

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