Becky Spence

Becky SpenceBecky is the winner of Vol 3 – 51. Follow her on Twitter and at her blog. She says:

I love reading and writing. I write everyday a little at least. I think I work better in short form, under 150 words 🙂 I enjoy it when a story comes from nowhere and then it’s there in front of you.  I have been published in the Paper Swan Press anthology schooldays and two editions of the Yorkshire Art Journal (Solitude and Afterglow, both poetry) and have my own blog at evening scribbles.

I have had several pieces featured on paragraph planet – with varying eclectic styles – this one is one of my favourite pieces I’ve written.

On twitter I take part in numerous prompts. #ThePush is a good one, and when the Edinburgh Book Festival comes along they do good prompts via #storyshop


I Spy With My Little Eye

He picked up the photo, placed it beneath the microscope. Leaning into the eye piece the metal was cold against his socket. It scraped cruelly against his skin. His fingers caressed the image. Scanning for his target.

It was easier in colour. Something bright to pick up on, a dash of red or a tone of blue, a spectrum to seek. In black and white it was light and shadows. Only a contrast to work with, ten shades of grey.

He heightened the magnification, twisting the microscope tight to his eye. Searching through the grainy monochrome streets. There! She was there, at last. He had to move quickly before he lost her again.

Reaching into the photo, his fingers pruned as the chemicals gnawed at his skin. He pinched his fingers around her, plucked her from the scene. Selecting a jar from the shelf he dropped her into the vacuum, tightened the lid on her screams.