Foy Iver

Foy IverWrite what no one else is writing. If the prompt demands summer, show me winter pining for its younger days. If you’re bound by setting, give it a voice. If everyone has taken all the good stories, pull me down a different path. Make me laugh, make me cry, haunt me, but whatever you do, sear it to my memory: be unique.


Foy S. Iver (alter ego of Deborah Foy) is an aspiring author and poet. A few of her poems have been put on display at The Spitzer Art Center (a local gallery), while her flash fiction has captured wins, honorable mentions, and souls across the internet (just waiting for the IoT to make that data transmutable). Her roots are dark fantasy, but she’s currently growing branches toward the realm of speculative fiction. She thrives in the Shenandoah Valley with her brighter half and “the Blue Heeler.” Find her on Twitter: @deborahthefoy

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