Fire&Ice Judges, As Was

Craig Anderson


Craig Anderson is the author of seven books in a variety of genres. He’s much better at starting series than he is at finishing them…

Nancy Chenier:


Devourer and producer of speculative fiction, Nancy Chenier mounted the flash-fiction dragon when she stumbled upon the first iteration of Flash! Friday. When not working with words, she’s dragging her kid on outdoor adventures or hanging upside down in colorful silks. Find her on Twitter @ncscrawls.

Stephanie Ellis:

Steph Ellis is a writer of dark fiction and has been published in a variety of magazines and presses, including Silver Shamrock Publishing and Flame Tree Press. Her new novel, The Five Turns of the Wheel is due out in October 2020. Find her on Twitter @el_stevie

Mark King:


Short fiction advocate and reluctant writer of novels. Co-founder and co-creator of FlashDogs, and originator of #vss365. Grateful Flash! Friday trainee dragon.  Twitter: @Making_Fiction. Blog:

Eric Martell:


Eric is a father, a physicist, a teacher, and a consultant who, from time to time, tries to write. His muse has been quiet as of late, but he is hoping the dragon will awaken it.

Sinéad O’Hart:

Sinead O'Hart

Sinéad O’Hart lives in the Irish midlands with her family and their impressively messy book collection. She is the author of two books for Middle Grade readers, The Eye of the North and The Starspun Web, and she’d do almost anything for a cup of tea.

Voima Oy:

I love to read and write short things–especially flash fiction!  You can find some of my stories in the FlashDogs Anthologies, and online at Paragraph Planet, 101 Fiction and The Cabinet of Heed. Find my writing on Twitter at  #SciFanSat and #vss365. You can follow me on Twitter, too: @voimaoy

Karl Russell:


Karl still lives in the North-West of England, still drinks too much cider and still dreams of writing something as honed, brutal and perfect as the first few Parker novels, but at this point, he’d settle for just finishing someth–

David Shakes:


David began writing at 40 in order to scratch a lifelong itch and help deal with mounting pressures in his work life. From writing for Flash! Friday and The Angry Hourglass he went on to co-found The Flashdogs and The Infernal Clock with FF judges Mark A King and Steph Ellis respectively. Find him on Twitter @TheShakes72

Tamara Shoemaker:


Tamara is hunkering down in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA, completing masters courses, teaching school, chasing 3 kids, and avoiding viruses like the plague… heh. A coffee mug may or may not be permanently attached to her fingers; doctors are still undecided. She still writes, but until there are 36 hours in a day, she will never be able to release books as quickly as she likes.

Betsy Streeter:


Betsy is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer currently drawing a lot of talking animals and bicycles and drawing/writing a comic called Sloth and Manatee. She goes through a lot of pencils. Find her on Twitter & Instagram @betsystreeter

AJ Walker:

A.J. Walker lives in Liverpool, England. He is currently out of a career and channeling his inner courier. He tweets far too much about stuff which interests him @zevonesque and @RealeLiverpool You may see him cramming his limited vocabulary into nonsensical mini comic operas for the usual flash challenges. He is a member of Poised Pen writing group and regularly plays fetch with the #FlashDog pack.

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