Judges/Judge App

Wanna be a Dragon Captain??? Here’s your chance to choose the stories you think ought to win!  Serving on a judges’ panel for Flash! Friday doesn’t require a pages-long resume or a full trophy case. You should know a little something about writing (enough to verbalize why a story does or doesn’t work). Beyond that, our requirements are simple:

Be thorough. Be fair. Be kind.

Fine print:

  1. Each panel consists of eight rotating judges in teams of two who will serve for six months (once a month, for six months). Don’t worry; we are magnificently flexible when it comes to swapping dates around to fit your schedule. This is meant to be fun, not burdensome, and Life Happens.
  2. Because it’s teams of two, you are welcome to request a specific fellow applicant as your co-captain. 
  3. While serving on a panel, because our process is blind you are welcome to continue competing at the Flash! Friday contest, but you will be ineligible to win the week you are judging.
  4. By submitting your application, you agree to do your best, have a blast, turn your results in on time, and that dragons are pretty much the most awesome creatures ever.
  5. As thanks, you’ll get a totally fiery awesome judge’s page here at FF where you can strut your stuff. And YES, at long last! As a “Dragon Captain” you will get your own special e-badge to show the world you’re part of the most awesome flash fiction family in the world.

Applications are closed. 

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