Pratibha Kelapure

I like stories exploring human psyche because the human mind is still an unexplored frontier.  I look for fleshed out characters and a flowing narrative that delivers a nice punch on the first reading.  You can write in any genre that comes naturally to you based on the prompt. Your characters can be from any universe. Give me your authentic take and make me think.


Pratibha is a real person who lives in an imaginary world. She has led a zigzag life and is trying her best to write a straightforward biography. Pratibha believes that she is a writer. Because she is an imperfect human being, she writes stories about imperfect human nature. She teaches writing logically to anyone who wishes to learn from her.  Currently she serves on the editorial board of South Bay Writers Club. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in several literary magazines. Follow her on Twitter and at her blog.

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