Phil Coltrane

Phil ColtraneA story is a dragon’s egg. At first, there’s only the colorful fragile shell of an idea. Then a tiny horn pierces through. Fractures form, and pretty soon, out bursts a scaly hatchling.

At first, you think, “Oh, what a cute little dragonet! Look at her tiny claws!” But before you know it, there’s a five-ton beast swooping down upon screaming villagers as they flee their burning homes.  

I love astonishing tales that paint a vivid mental image. It’s fun to read a story that boldly veers in an unexpected direction. I’ve always enjoyed science fiction, and any story that hints at a richer and more complex world behind the scenes.


In my professional life, I spend my working days writing software. It’s a living. For my writing life, you can follow me on Twitter and at my blog. In the evenings, I come home to my wife and two young daughters. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a knight at my door asking about a cave filled with golden treasure. 

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