Craig Anderson

Craig AndersonI love stories that can make me smile. I’m a fan of witty banter between characters that come across as real people. Hint at a wider world, a mysterious past, a hidden relationship, anything that gives your story context and suggests there is more going on than what’s on the page. Bonus points for clever titles.

I’m British, so chuck in the Queen, football or a cup of tea, whatever you think will help (I should probably note those things will not actually get you points; the dragons will not be amused if we get 50 tales about the Queen drinking her afternoon tea while watching the footy…).


Craig studied Marketing at university, honing his ability to be creative with the truth. After graduating he became a Management Consultant and his transformation into professional BS artist was complete. Once he’d run out of ways to repeat the clients ideas back to them for a hefty premium he fled to Melbourne, Australia where he lay low and met his wife Lauren, who brought him back to Canada as a souvenir. Their daughter Neve joined them in February 2014 and has been perfecting the art of being adorable every day since. They live in a house that is slowly becoming an outreach shelter for the humane society with two cats (Sydney & Mel), the worlds most stubborn Brittany Spaniel, Jasper, and three fish.

Whilst procrastinating on finishing his first novel (96% complete for 6 years and counting!) he accidentally wrote a novella – Getting Lucky – available free here.

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