Sarah Cain

Sarah CainSarah is the winner of Round 28 and Round 37. Follow her at her blog and on Twitter.

Read her first #SixtySeconds interview here.


 Round 37 win: Glenn 

That’s our Glenn. He was a sturdy nipper. Big for his age and such a good lad. Never one for crying and complaining. Good as gold he was, and so handsome and strong. He looked just like his Pa.

Course them farmers never cared. That winter when the snows came and food ran low, they carved him up and ate him as if he didn’t have a family what loved him.

But that’s okay. Come spring I chewed a hole in the fence, and their little one crawled right through it down to the river. Funny. His name was Glenn too.


Round 28 win: The Offering 

They dressed her in white, wove flowers into her auburn hair, and placed her in the black wooden boat that would carry her down the left spur of the mighty Dragon’s Claw River.

She was the offering. To save her village, she would die in dragon fire.

“Your people are barbarians.”

She started at the black-haired man. His eyes gleamed like gold.

“My people fear.”

“And you die willingly?”


He bowed as black wings began to spread out of his back; his face elongated, and his body lengthened.

“You will not die today, my lady,” he said. “Dragon’s honor.”

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