Anthony Marchese

Anthony Marchese
I like relatable characters, people who feel real, people who might walk through the door at any moment, even if they’re coming from another world to get here. More importantly, I want to read about interesting worlds. They might be in another universe or in our own backyards, but it has to be a place worth exploring for at least a few hundred words.


SVW member Anthony Marchese grew up on the Virginia- West Virginia border.  He now hails from the West Virginia-Maryland border.  He works for an online university and performs at theatres in West Virginia and Maryland. He is currently playing Emmett in Legally Blonde at the Old Opera House in Charlestown, WV.

Although he occasionally branches out, Science Fiction is his genre.  After all, “it’s like any other fiction, except the setting is the Universe.”  He wrote here and there for years.  Unfortunately, his ADD brain formed new characters, stories, even universes faster than his uncooperative hands could type.  At Fairmont State, he took a creative writing class which forced him to get busy typing.  The teacher agreed to do an independent study with him and his first novel was the result.  Last November he completed half a novel and won NaNoWriMo with the help of the Shenandoah Valley writing community. For this year’s NaNoWriMo he will co-lead the newly formed Eastern Panhandle Region of West Virginia as a municipal liaison (ML).
To help keep himself going, he is keeping up a blog.  Follow him here and on Twitter.
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