Welcome to the Flash! Friday Treasure Trove


Greetings! Glad to see you! You’ve found Flash! Friday, a weekly flash fiction contest that ran from 2012-2015, then again temporarily in 2020 as Fire&Ice. It’s now a realm of stories frozen in time — thousands of them, a dragon’s hoard, all for your personal devouring. Scroll back through the weeks, the months, the years, and find tales of wonder: dark tales, funny tales, tales that will crush your heart, then mend it and cause it to soar (sometimes all within a single story!). 

Here you’ll also find Flash!Future, a Fire&Ice companion feature that highlighted worldchanging—and challenging—writers from around the world; and a series of  Spotlight interviews with writing professionals. And best of all, you will catch a glimpse of a marvelous, intelligent, good-humored, ridiculously talented community of writers, many of whom you can still find expertly raising a ruckus on Twitter at #VSS365. ❤ Find their stories here by scrolling through the archives listed on the sidebar, or by popping their names into the search box up top. 

Thank you for being here, no matter how long your visit. May you leave richer than when you came.