Ellen Staley

Ellen StaleyEllen is the winner of Vol 2-21. She says:

I’ve always been an avid reader. As a kid I read about 15 books every two weeks.  Grew up and became a kindergarten teacher and had the delightful task of revealing the joy of reading not only to my own children but to a myriad of others, too.  I retired in 2009 and entertained the notion of writing a novel. In late 2010, I had a wonderful opportunity to endure a substantive edit, which not only improved my writing skills but also redirected the story’s course. I’ve attended the Mount Hermon Writer’s conference once, though I would love to attend again. Then my WIP had to take back seat for a while as the Lord moved me into several serving roles at church. Now I spy a two month break approaching and I’m looking forward to finishing that manuscript. Otherwise, the joys of my life are serving God, my grandkids and kids. Oh, and reading!

One “thin place” experience (when God seems very near) I wrote about here.



She looked as vibrant as the day he’d yielded his mount to her.

The knight studied her cheek with its single petrified tear. Drops of gratitude rolled down his face. He did not rub them away, but saluted with gnarled hands, battle aged.

Oh, to take her in his arms again, thank her for his chance at life and more, victory! The kingdom now existed forever secure. He returned to his steed, gathered a queen’s finery, the value of her sacrifice, and lovingly arranged them, an offering. He remembered the moment she’d forced him from his charger’s back, and cursed to sculpture, she’d bravely smiled.

He climbed up the petrified stallion, wrapped one arm around her waist. His tears flowed. He wiped them with his fingers, impulsively touched her lone tear.

She stood on the sand, startled by the statue and knight that rode it. Was it…? Richly appointed raiment caught her eye. And she knew.

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