Mike Jackson

Mike JacksonMike is the winner of Round 36He’s been retired 4 years, following a remarkable career as a primary school headteacher. His avatar is a photo of his “studio,” or, as his wife calls it, his “writing shed.” He built it just prior to retiring, and it’s his pride and joy. If he’s not in the studio, you’ll find him at his local coffee shop, pen in hand.

Follow him at his blog and on Twitter.


Cheap Labour 

“Any idea where we’re going, Billy?”

“Not really, mate. Pete here reckons we’re being sold off to the local mill owner, cheap labour. Says he heard the master talking to matron last night. Seems we’ll be used as doorstops to start with, until we get a bit bigger.”

“Could’ve been worse, Billy. I heard the last basket load never even made it to the village. Fell off the back of the cart, killed them all, poor buggers. Pete’s quiet; is he alright?”

“He’s fine; just can’t take his drink. A couple of bottles and he’s out for the count.”

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