Katie Morford

Katie MorfordKatie is the winner of Vol 3 – 28. She travels the world writing and producing documentaries for an international non-profit. She’s also an editor and founding member of indie publisher Crosshair Press and writes action-adventure and spec-fic novels. (Her debut novel, Kenan, just released under pen name Karis Waters). Katie is a raw and wriggling new #flashdog with a passion for storytelling, whether in writing, photography, art or interpretive dance (okay, maybe not that last one). She hails from Kansas but lives in England, despite disliking rain, cold, and milk in her tea. 

Katie may be found at any of the following places:

Travel/photography/ministry blog: http://storyforhisglory.com/

Crosshair Press blog: http://crosshairpress.com/blog/

Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karis-Waters/829112427157211

Crosshair Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/crosshairpress

Twitter: @KLMorford


Iron Mistress

They say I’m a runaway train, with lots of flash and smoke and steam. They say I’m nothing but an Iron Mistress, plowing through everything and everyone and leaving rubble in my wake.

Maybe I am. Maybe I ain’t. I’ll leave that for biddies to decide when I’m mouldering in my grave in my peacock-feather hat. Money don’t grow on trees and milksops only get the cash cow after she’s drained dry. Nothing is free—except maybe me.

If I’m a runaway train it’s because this land pounded the weakness out of me with every clack of the wheels. A girl leaving a sooty New York orphanage for a hot, harsh land in the grip of the Dust Bowl, who had yet to learn that nothing is free.

Not even me.

Now I’m back on that train heading West and if my dress is a tad fancier and my legs lad-fumblers instead of dried sticks, those iron wheels are still pounding this truth home.

I may be cheap but nothing is free. I sold my soul to buy my freedom. Even freedom isn’t free. Say what you might. This train is a’coming. Ain’t nothing gonna stand in her way.

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