Holly Geely

Holly GeelyHolly is the winner of Vol 3 – 37. She is a bookkeeper by day, which makes her sound boring – but her imagination is ripe with ridiculousness. She’s a fan of bad puns, bright colours, and parodies. Her fiction pops up in online magazines here and there. You can find more of Holly’s stories at her blog http://hollygeely.wordpress.com or keep up with her on Twitter.

You’ll love her new book The Dragon’s Toenail, found here:


Vol 3 – 37: Brave Sir Eggmund

Brave sir Eggmund came a-courtin’, his feathers shining bright,
Upon his mighty St. Bernard they rode into the night.
They braved the roads less traveled, and in places no one knows,
Sir Eggmund fought foul monsters who had large limbs and hairy toes.
They did not take hitchhikers, for their deadline did await
(Besides which the St. Bernard could not withstand the extra weight).
The king of their neighbor country had announced upon the spring,
His daughter’d wed a noble night who served a foreign king.
Brave Sir Eggmund was the best of best, among his feathered kind,
And the princess could do no better, or so it was in his own mind.
“What’s this?” the king did ask of them, when they had arrived,
“A rooster upon a puppy? What joke hast thou contrived?”
“I am here to court your daughter,” Sir Eggmund did declare,
“For I hear she is a beauty, with rosy cheeks and golden hair.”
“How now, you simple chicken, dost thou really believe,
That I would let a chicken wed my dearest Geneveeve?”
Brave Sir Eggmund looked him in the eye with his intentions true,
“Good king,” he said, and stroked his comb, “I cock-a-doodle-do.”

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