Mark Ethridge

Mark woke up from a lifelong sleep in 2010. In doing so, his life changed. The changes continue to this day. He’s been married to his wife for 27 years, and likes to inform people, “She’s one of the few things I’ve done right. I’m not hosing that up.” Their two human children are grown up. One has moved out, and the other plans to in the next year. They also have three feline children named Kaosu, Delilah and Ansem. Delilah always gives him kitty kisses right on the nose. Visit Mark on his blog and follow him on Twitter.


Week Seven Winner


Momma wanted a family picnic every Sunday after church. Even though Daddy hated them. He always stood off to the side at them. But every Sunday after church, Daddy drove us someplace different in the countryside. Momma sat with us and we gossiped about who was dating whom, who was going to marry whom and who slept with whom.

Poor Daddy endured it all. We and Momma knew he loved us and would do everything he could to make us happy, but we all knew the one thing he’d asked for that God hadn’t given him.

A son.

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