Robin Abess

Robin Abess(Follow Robin on Twitter!). I am a writer, reader, music lover {especially Celtic!}, NaNoWriMo nut, geek, board gamer, D&D player, collector and nature lover among many other things.  Happily married, with a wonderful family, I live in one of the most beautiful and historical states in the USA {VA}.  I’ve been participating in National Novel Writer’s Month {NaNoWriMo} since 2006, and have been a Municipal Liaison for my area since 2009.  I love my friends and family and I hope to keep writing for many years to come!


 Round 13 Winner

Why she had agreed to be in movie, Maureen would never know. It had seemed the right thing to do at the time; work was scarce and she wasn’t as young as used to be. She wasn’t fond of water, but she needed money, so she signed on the dotted line. Now, as they attempted to film the underwater scene for what had to be the fiftieth time, she was over it. It was the last scene before the film was complete. She was cold and so drenched from being submerged over and over again in the deep dark depths, she didn’t think she’d ever dry out.

She drew in a breath of air, as Simon called out “Okay, let’s roll. Action!”

Maureen dropped below the surface again, determined to do everything in her power to make this the last take. She glanced back over her right shoulder at the menacing figure moving toward her, harpoon in hand. She opened her mouth and screamed silently, bubbles rushing to the surface. The underwater camera guy gave her a thumbs up. Thank God it was over. She started to rise to the surface, and found herself unable to do so. Frowning, she glanced back.

The diver grinned at her devilishly, his hand clamped around her ankle. Her lungs were starting to ache, and she frowned at him, motioning frantically. He shook his head, and pulled her further from the air she so desperately craved. She turned her head, looking for help, but the cameraman continued to film, ignoring her. Blackness crept in around the edges of her vision, and then…nothingness.

When the film was released, everyone marveled at the stunning performance given by Maureen O’Toole. “What a shame it was her last film,” critics were heard to say. The director just smiled.


 Week Nine Winner

“The Minute Between”

It is time. Time…how amusing. They can stop time. They have stopped time. For me. I made a wish, and ever since, I have lived in this realm of twilight. Everything and everyone else moves forward around me, but I am caught, forever to live in the minute between. I no longer age. Do not need to eat or drink or sleep. I can look and listen, but never touch. It was the price I paid. It was not worth it. This blue shrouded world where I am trapped is my Hell.

I discovered something, though, that They did not know. Although I can’t reach humans or anything in their world, I can reach the Fae. I can touch and hold magical things. I found the container buried in an antique shop, and brought it with me. I picked Their favorite fruit from Their world, and laid it about the altar I’d found. I waited…and They came.

Five of Them flutter about my container, looking like moths to anyone else. There was a sixth, but I set It free, to bring my message to Their Queen. Set me free and These go free. Otherwise, time stops for them as well.

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