Tamara Shoemaker

Tamara Shoemaker 3I’m looking for lush lyricism,

Mystical metaphors that move me beyond the murk of mere material matter,

Succulent slices of shivery syllables,

Detailed dollops of delicious description.


Let a picture of a bird not be a mere pigeon,

But a winged messenger who cuts the wind—

A piece of sheet music with connected black notes turn into

A cry for harmony, a parallel pitch for peace.


In other words, show me the story behind the words,

The scenario behind the picture.

I’m a lover of the un-obvious. So throw the box out the proverbial window. There is no box. Write freely; show me your heart. I’ll take care of it, I promise.


Tamara Shoemaker was penning harrowing suspense tales from little on up, and the older she grew, the more harrowing they became. While this genre still holds her interest, her most recent love is young adult fantasy.

Her first book was published in 2012 under a small traditional publisher, which lit a fire under her. She’s written nearly every day since.

Her Shadows in the Nursery series and another suspense, Soul Survivor, are for sale on Amazon. The first of her Young Adult fantasy trilogy, Kindle the Flame, is available for preorder on Amazon. Mark of Four, the beginning of another YA fantasy trilogy, will hit the market in November 2015.

She is an unadulterated fan of Harry Potter . . . er, Rowling. When she’s not writing or herding cats (which bear a similarity to three young children), she can be found with her nose in a book (a Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook), in a closet (the Cupboard Under the Stairs), with the door locked (Alohomora!), with chocolate (a Honeydukes specialty!).


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