Danielle Cahill

Danielle CahillDanielle is the winner of Round 27. She grew up in Melbourne, steeped in the rich stories of her Irish and Australian family. World traveling and degrees in the arts and journalism have further fueled her imagination. After working in London, Dublin, and Sydney, she has returned home to Melbourne where she works as an online journalist with News Limited. She has also worked for The Daily Mail, ninemsn, The Evening Herald, The Independent, and The Herald Sun. 

Her current writing focus is Project Momentarilya blog project in which she invites readers to participate by adding thoughts and comments as she posts extracts from her novel. She welcomes readers to begin with Chapter One (available on Kindle as “The Green Dress“) and then follow the project as she updates (such as here and here).

Be sure to follow Danielle at her blog and on Twitter!


Last Regrets 

This ending lacks dignity; that bothers me. Most barrels in our clan got a noble finale, a fitting send-off. Dad, who had held Jack Daniels for years, was shoved off a burning boat to save lives. Mum was once a wine barrel who became garden furniture, and eventually she faded with time. And here I am headed straight for a waterfall with some adventure seeker who hasn’t seen fate coming. I’m not going out gracefully or helping people, yet I will be the family barrel who makes the nightly news for failing to carry this fool when he shouldn’t have made me into a raft.

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