Josh Bertetta

Josh BertettaJosh likes his flash like he likes his icebergs. As much as the story on paper (or on screen) is important, what is just as important to him is what is not stated. In other words, the story behind the story. Does what you write make him wonder at what’s just below the surface? How big is the story there? In addition to his icebergs he loves a good, unexpected end. To top it off, he loves stories that have fun and play with the genre.


Josh Bertetta holds a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with a degree emphasis in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and currently teaches in the Religious Studies department at a private university in central Texas. He began writing flash fiction in August 2014 after completing his first novel and wanted to keep working on his writing chops. Quickly falling in love with flash and the flash community, he finds flash fiction a fun way to engage the imagination and play with genre, voice, and style. He is a father of three boys and loves to garden.

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