Image Ronin

image ronin 2Image is the winner of Vol 3 – 2. Follow him on Twitter.

Image is part of the Flash Dogs and currently lives in Australia, dodging large spiders, even larger cockatoos and the odd tropical storm. In past existences he has found himself being serenaded by Robbie Williams in a Premier Inn outside of Stoke; refusing a bacon sandwich made by The Prodigy; taking a car ride with Michael Jackson, Darth Vader and David Blaine; and has been chased by strangers each time he has visited a capital city, nine and counting thus far.

The Festive Season

The backwater that was Yiwu shook with the frenzy of factories churning out endless glittering baubles. Wei scurried past LED workshops, wraiths tinkering with soldering irons in pulsing light.

He was late, caught up writing a letter to his fiancé. Responding to her assurances that a smaller wedding was what she wanted, her pleas insulting his sacrifice.

The letter departed, his crimson fingerprints staining tear soaked paper.

The boss man tapped a manicured nail onto a watch that a thousand life times could barely afford. Wei bowed apologetically before grabbing a paper mask and the glue sprayer.

Five thousand polystyrene stars awaited on metal shelving.

Wei grabbed a star, spraying it with glue, before dipping it deep into the crimson glitter held within a battered oil-drum.

Lifting out a scarlet jewel, sparkling in the light of the bare bulb.

Grab, spray, dip.


Another mask, fingers stained crimson. Lungs hacking with shimmering dust.

Whatever Christmas was, Wei truly despised it.

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