Many thanks to the artists around the world whose work makes Flash! Friday possible:

Carlos Orozco, for seamlessly marrying the time-honored with the new in our Fire & Ice banner–only a fellow FlashDog could have pulled it off!

Justin Hess, who crafted our Fire & Ice logo and badge–thank you for breathing life into this new venture!

Susan Warren Utley, whose keen eye and deft touch work magic. Thank you!!

Flash! Friday logo dragons: Flash! Friday owns the commercial rights to these beauties, designed by the amazing Vasyl Duda.

Flash! Friday background art:

Flash! Friday story element artwork:
* Book:
* Man in hat silhouette:
* Woman with flowers silhouette:
* Nuclear warning:
* Theater curtains:
* Jeweled pendant:

Dragon MunchiesKnight; Box (Zoran Ozetsky); Spoon (Coscurro); Dragon (Archietto Francesc)

Sixty Seconds: Match (Alvimann)

Flash Points: Fire ring (CGTextures)

Flash! Friday/Misc stories (note: following July 2013, credits were provided alongside the photo itself): 


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