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Flash! Friday Week Four WINNER

Congratulations Maggie Duncan! You are the winner of this week’s Flash! Friday competition. Vivid descriptions and a very funny twist helped push your story over the top. Well done! (Everybody note this is a SECOND win for Maggie. Woot!)

Grab your loot (a writer always needs more, right??)  and GET JIGGY WITH IT, Maggie! Congrats!

“The Horror of It”

Hands shaking, he opened the door. What he saw brought his free hand to his mouth to stifle his scream.

Gouts of red splashed the walls, the tub, the shower, rivulets running down the wall to pool on the floor. There was so much of it. He could see streaks of it across the mirrors, on the toilet seat. The rugs were soaked with it, discarded towels clotted with it. Every surface of the once pristine bathroom had been defiled, and he dare not step inside, lest he slip in a puddle of it and be covered himself.

His whole body on the verge of convulsing, he closed his eyes, but the horrific image had burned on his retinas. What should he do? Whom should he call? How could this have happened? He opened his eyes again and saw his wife, covered in the red mess.

“Next time,” she said, “I go to the hairdresser for a color job.”



Flash! Friday Week Four Contest

Welcome to Week 4 of SVWriters Flash! Friday. This is a weekly flash fiction writing competition which runs each Friday 9 am til 9 pm ET.  (Skim through the rules if you haven’t already.)

Short version: stories that don’t follow the prompt will be DQ’d. Comments on other stories? WELCOME! Comments after voting on the poll: encouraged! ♥ (Questions? Also welcome–add them in the comments on this post.) Submit your stories as a comment on this page (one entry per person). If you HAVE to make a change after posting, you may–but be sure to add “revised” on the new one so we know you did so. We will delete your original post. But no editing past tonight’s 9pm deadline.

Voting will begin as soon as the poll goes up on this page after 9 pm tonight. Voting is live until Saturday at 9 pm (24 hours to vote–can’t vote for your own).

LET’S PLAY! Today’s prompt is story-starting text:
Hands shaking, he opened the door
Your story MUST start with the words above. You’ve got about 150 words for your story, with some wiggle room this time–10 words on either side. I know! So generous!!! Give us between 140 – 160 words (including the prompt, but NOT counting your title, if you have one) telling us what happens next.

We are now closed to new submissions. Let the voting begin! Please vote for only one entry. Everyone may vote whether you submitted an entry or not. Comments always welcome. Good luck writers! 

Flash! Friday Week Three WINNER

Congratulations Vanessa Knight! You are the winner of this week’s Flash! Friday competition. Skillful use of prompt  and a bit of humor helped push your story over the top. Well done!

Grab your loot  and BRAG AWAY, Vanessa! Congratulations!

Kelvin had felt those dam critters running over his face all day, and it had driven him nearly mad. If that hadn’t been bad enough Death had been following him around as though he was going to keel over at any moment. Kelvin paced as he tried to remember where he had put the bottle of Demon Killer. As he flicked a demon off his nose, he thought of where the bottle may be hiding. In the dimly lit basement he came to a metal cupboard, opened the door, and sitting on the shelf was the shiny bottle. He picked it up and took off the cap. A sweet smelling cloud swirled around him. The screams of the demons pleased him as they fell to the floor. He turned to face Death with a big smile on his face. Stuck his middle finger up and said, “Maybe another day Death.”