History of Flash! Friday

Aesop&foxFlash fiction isn’t a new thing. It was pioneered by the likes of Aesop thousands of years ago–if legend tells us right, an ugly, yarn-spinning slave whose flash fiction (his celebrated tales mostly squeeze between 100-250 words) elevated him to the position of king’s councilor. His stories with their economy and wit must have offered the masses a happy respite from brilliant yet seat-numbing sagas like the Iliad–and we’re still reading them to our kids today.

That’s some fired-up flash. And that brings us to…

Flash! Friday exploded in Dec 2012 out of the rather unbalanced mind of Rebekah Postupak. Inspired by a “circuit” of weekly flash challenges around the blogosphere, she wanted to create her own contest with varying formats and prompts, where writers would comment on others’ entries and spur each other on toward writerly greatness. The contest ended in Dec 2015. During the 2020 Covid pandemic, Rebekah and Deb Foy reformatted the contest and relaunched it for 19 weeks as Fire&Ice. The FF dragons are now slumbering, massively content, after enough dreams to fill a thousand lifetimes.