Flash! Friday # 25 — WINNERS!

Boundless thanks, mermaids/mergrooms/merfolk of all ages, for coming out to splash with us at Flash! Friday. Yet again you all spun our prompt in dozens of inventive directions, wrenching the sea maiden from Hans Christian Andersen’s grip and making her your own. Thanks also to our own glorious sea maiden, judge Maggie Duncan, for her fearless turn at the wheel.

Of course, be sure to check back Monday to see which of your stories will star at Flash Points; and join me Tuesday for Dragon Munchies. Wednesday will feature an interview with today’s winner. Always a party here at Flash! Friday; be sure to check back!


Judge Maggie Duncan says, I’ll confess I’ve always had a fascination with merpeople, so I was very excited to see this week’s offerings; the participants didn’t disappoint. I got a good dose of mer-mythology to last me a while.

Once again, choosing between two contenders for the top spot was hard. Both the winner and the runner-up (not to mention the HMs) had great stories. Ultimately, the winner’s story and its “hope in the future” theme appealed to what I like in a story, a promise of better times to come. Thanks again for a great time and great stories.



Craig Anderson“The Little Merman.” Most guys I know would love to have this little merman’s problem. This was a tale (no pun intended) with a great metaphor, and it made me chuckle at the unique situation to his problem. 

Dragonsflypoppy, “Songs of the Waves.” A sweet, engaging story, and a wonderful final line. 

Anthony Marchese, “Cycles.” This was very engaging and unique and appealed to the dystopia lover in me. It was probably the best structured story of the bunch, but some technical issues cost it points.


Hannah Streett“Never Love a Human.” Very well-executed. We can just about taste the bitterness in our own mouths, and imagine how resentful we’d be to get this torture every night. Nicely told, and a powerful closing line

And our Flash! Friday first-time gold medalist, stunningly creative, ever-beloved



for her untitled tale.  Good, authentic dialogue, and both a unique use of the prompt and a unique concept, all well-executed. This story made me hopeful that we can solve any conflict with sufficient time and the open minds of our grandchildren.

Congratulations, Alissa! Here are your Winner’s Page, your fancy pants eBadge, and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.


“Popi, are Mermaids real?” Adella asked, frowning at the statue.

“Of course, Little One; do you think the sculptor just made it up?”

“Well, why don’t we ever see them?”

“I’m not sure you’re ready for that story, Dearest. Five is still quite young…”

“I’ll be six next month, Popi. I’m not too little.”

“Your Momma wouldn’t approve.”

“Momma won’t mind. She says I’m a big girl all the time. Truly.”

“I don’t doubt it, Darling, but there’s a lot of history you don’t know yet, and it would take a long time to tell.”

“Like what? I know lots of things, Popi!”

“I know, Sweetheart, but you haven’t learned about the war yet… War’s a hard topic for a five year old-”

“Almost six.”

“Almost six year old. And the treaty is a little hard to explain…”

“What’s a treaty?”

“Exactly. You don’t even know what one is, let alone the complicated reasoning behind-”

“Well, I’d know if you would tell me.”

“Alright. It’s an agreement between two people, or two groups of people.”

“That seems simple enough.”

“Yes, but when you add all the clauses and stipulations… Nevermind. You don’t need to know all that. Look at her.” He knelt and gestured toward the statue, “Which way does she face?”

“East, right?”

“Yes. And what happens in the east?”

“The sun rises?”

“Yes, and with the sun comes a new day, a new opportunity to make things right.”

“Did we make things wrong before?”

“There was wrong all over the place, but that’s not the point. Someday – someday soon – the Time of Separation will be over. She looks at the dawning of each new day, waiting for the fulfillment of the treaty. You could be a part of that new generation, living together.”

“I could meet a mermaid.” She stared in open-mouthed wonder at the possibility.


9 thoughts on “Flash! Friday # 25 — WINNERS!

  1. The winning story was excellent! I love the natural flow of the dialogue between father and daughter. And I really love the hope and faith in a better tomorrow. Inspiring.


  2. Thanks! I wr ote it on my phone and posted it last minute, so I’m sure it was fraught with technical issues. thanks for the honorable mention 🙂


  3. Wow! Thank you! Congrats to everyone! I didn’t even know if I would get to write this week. I currently live in Moore, OK so we didn’t even have power most of the day on Friday. The story was such a mishmash of ideas from this week: the tornado damage looking like a bomb went off, the funerals for the children from Plaza Towers Elementary School, and the ideas of rebuilding and hope…The idea of ‘someday.’ Our children carry such possibility within them…they can do anything…they can meet a mermaid…


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