Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

And a few words on how your week’s going would be peachy!

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: Include either the beginning or end of a lifelong journey.

Rowboat. CC2.0 photo by Grant MacDonald.

Rowboat. CC2.0 photo by Grant MacDonald.

60 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. Chiffon Moon

    I felt the sand sift through my toes; the ocean breeze blew in gently like a dying butterfly.
    Butterfly dreams swirled down in the dunes; she reached the steep edge of the night sea..
    The night sea lapped her toes; she let her chiffon gown slip down her naked body and fall away.
    Away I drifted, the dinghy shuffled atop the dark waters; I slipped overboard into the sea’s caress
    Caressing her shivering soul, she walked into the sea; I floated down to my waiting sleep.
    Sleep sifted over her; the moon laughed as the dinghy washed ashore.

    100 seashells


  2. The Lifeguard
    (100 words)

    The lifeguard had seen and heard it all over a lifetime of service.

    She’d seen children frolicking in glistening waves, laughing as they chased seagulls.

    She’d sat in silence as the sun slipped behind the horizon, slowly swallowed up by hues of fire red and warm orange.

    She observed young lovers kissing under moonlit nights.

    But not all memories are as warm or happy.

    She never forgot the ones she couldn’t save. The cries of a devastated mother holding a lifeless child would remain etched in her hull forever.

    Now her service was over. All journeys come to an end.


  3. @AvLaidlaw
    100 words (counting hyphenated words as one word)

    In life the captain had been a heavy-set and pot-bellied man, and the two sailors struggled to haul the canvas shrouded corpse over the side of the rowing boat as if the captain were still fighting against them as he had fought against them in life, almost capsizing them all into the dark grasp of the sea before they dared to let go and watch the corpse sink with a serenity unbefitting the old tyrant, down into the sunless and unknowable lands of the dead where the old man’s rages would be no more than a whisper in the currents.


  4. Life’s Work
    100 words

    When Timmy Deaver pulled my pigtails for the thousandth time I broke his nose.

    Not on purpose. I just swung my backpack and it hit him right in the face. But I liked seeing the blood and hearing him cry. Liked seeing him scared.

    My mom came to school, and the principal said I had to stay home for three days. No one listened when I said he started it. It wasn’t fair.

    Banished to my room, I got my notebook and wrote down every mean thing anyone ever did to me. I had a lot of work to do.


  5. Joining the Ancient Mariner
    (100 words)

    Fragile threads of silver memories lapped at Amy’s consciousness like moonlit waters in a safe haven. She clung to them as if drowning, her mind incapable of holding onto the gossamer thoughts no longer than whispers of a second.

    They were just pictures really – Jeb on bended knee – their firstborn at her breast – gatherings with family and friends around celebrations of life – and then death. The sea claimed Jeb before his time.

    In the lucid moments of her memories, Amy grasped the slender thread that bound her to life. Soon, it would be severed. She joyfully anticipated joining her beloved.


  6. Boys into Men
    (100 words)

    “Bad name for that leaky skiff,” Glen said.

    “Don’t back out now,” Jerry replied. “We can’t join the Navy if you’ve never been on the water.”

    “Alright, let’s shove off.”

    The boys pushed the boat into the lake and rowed around until Glen was comfortable with the idea of life at sea. On shore Jerry clapped him on the back. Relief flooded Glen that they hadn’t sunk.

    “Captain on the bridge!”

    Glen surveyed the crew of the U.S.S. Lifeguard then said, “Shove off.”

    “Aye, aye Captain,” Jerry replied.

    This was their first vessel, and they found its name fitting.

    A good week so far, had a story accepted in Splickety Love. And I’m heading out to take pictures for a National Geographic photo challenge. Shooting pictures is relaxing for me.


  7. “A long life is its own reward.” At the end of that life, perhaps the reward should be a long journey. After all, you’ve taught me everything I know, kept me safe, wiped my tears, picked me up, held me tight, tucked me in, taught me to drive, molded me and accepted me for who I am. The least I can do is fulfill your journey and beg your forgiveness. I’m sorry I was too busy, too tired, too far and too selfish to make the time. Please allow me to scatter your ashes among the blue and crashing waves.

    Not a bad week… First week of summer vacation and already had a party and three sleepovers.


  8. Divorce
    (100 Words)

    He looked out at the vast, empty ocean as it stretched out in front of him. The boat he proposed to her in years ago sat like a horse ready for its rider. He sighed and mounted his water steed. He had been a lifeguard years ago. That was how they met the first time, he remembered bitterly, saving her from ending at the bottom of the ocean. Now he would pay good money to watch her sink like a stone. It would be that image that would keep him going until he hit Spain to start a new life.


  9. Commencing the Voyage
    100 words

    “Class of 2015, behold the boat of life…”

    “C’mon. I’m boiling up and these frisbee-knock-offs don’t block any sun.” Raphael whispered

    “Shh. We’re supposed to be seafaring.”

    “To sail the seas of opportunity…”

    “These chairs must be the ship’s torture instruments.”

    “Raphael! He’s trying to buoy us to greatness.”

    “Or leave us adrift. Bet he ripped it off from “InspiringBoatSpeeches.com”

    Reighna snorted.

    “You are the future helmsmen for…”

    “Think he’ll stop if I fling my helm at him?”

    “Anchor yourself, brother.”

    “And now, please step forward…Allen, Raphael”

    Raphael offered his arm. “Finally. Ready to sail this boat?”

    “Let’s embark, baby!”

    My week is going well. As the school year winds down, I’m starting to look at professional development for the summer. I happened upon a local organization that does writing workshops… and now I have the dilemma; which class do I take this summer? Any suggestions of a direction I should take? 🙂
    I’m particularly struggling with whether I should focus on Beginning or Intermediate workshops (because I’m pretty sure I’m not advanced 🙂 )


  10. Summer Song

    100 words


    I watched my old friends, relaxed and carefree, as they drifted through the water beneath a cloudless sky, enjoying the gentle caress of a current that nudged delicately, apologetically, at their bodies.

    The sun-kissed lake shimmered in delight at having such guests, throwing out silver orbs to dance under the sun as the breeze serenaded them with its summer song.

    I envied the peacefulness of those who floated, their perfect tranquillity. They had no worldly cares, nothing to trouble them except for the sound of the returning lifeboat. It could’ve been me. But I was the one who’d been saved.

    Quiet week. The sun is shining, I’ve had two story acceptances – and two rejections! Life feels peaceful, a nice place to be :).


  11. A Farewell Among Diamonds

    He watched the twelve princesses dance away between the diamond-leaved trees, leaving their sweet perfume trailing in the air. A figure covered in a magical cloak ran ahead, eager to tell the king of the princesses’ secret.

    From across the water sounded the last song of the night. A slow song filled with longing. He never thought tonight would be the last night he would see the princess. That this would be the day on which the door to her world would be sealed forever and he would die.

    Slowly, he, like those before him, turned into a diamond-laden tree.

    It’s freezing over here, so I’m into the typing-with-gloves-on time of the year… But at least there’s blue skies!
    This week has been quite productive – I’ve written two guest posts which will be published some time this week. I’ve also written a flash story for a challenge on Woes, and am working on two other short stories (Of which only one has a name – “Die uil en die skoppensboer” (The owl and the grim reaper). My stories are always sooo happy and upbeat… 😀 ) I’m also slowly but surely translating my Flash Friday stories into Afrikaans for Woes. So I’m keeping myself quite busy!



  12. A Fresh Start?

    Cold, black water lapped against the boat’s chipping paint. Hidden by brush and trunk, she contemplated her next move.
    “Come with me.” His words echoed in her mind. “Meet me at the guard house. We’ll get a fresh start, together.”
    Her friends had stared, slack-jawed, when she’d told them. “The most romantic thing EVER,” they’d declared.
    Becca wasn’t sure. She glanced around, willing her thundering heart to quiet.
    “Are you ready?” She whirled around to Stephen, standing just behind her. He held out his hand and smiled, though it didn’t reach his ice-blue eyes.
    For their beginning? Or her end?

    Writing, editing and trying to get my mo-jo going over here this week. Goal: Finish current book-project by summer’s end so I can MOVE ON! Querying for an article in a regional magazine and contemplating some short story submissions to keep motivated. Any suggestions places to submit? Thanks for reading!



  13. Keaton settled into the boat, picked up the oars, and began to row. Smoke continued to rise from the Mountain, sometimes slowly, but other times in clouds
    He glanced down at the blue insignia on his sleeve, the sign of a Scorlan Life Guarder. Since Keaton had drawn the short straw, he was to go and find the source of the smoke; deal with it if he could, and return if he couldn’t.
    He wondered idly between strokes if the light that had woken a few nights ago was related. Probably not. Fire didn’t fly.
    Keaton didn’t consider the dragons.

    – – – – – – –
    My week has been long. I can’t believe it’s only half over 😦 I think I did fairly well on the test I took for school on Monday and Tuesday, but it left me exhausted. And lots of wanting to write something, but not knowing what to write. Random side note: I don’t know what it is about the prompts on here that make me think of dragons, but this is the second story I’ve written for something on here including dragons. Maybe I’ll connect them… and now I’m rambling. 🙂 But yeah. Crazy week.


  14. Beached whale

    Why do I always get the fatties? He must weigh 300 pounds. I try dragging him into the boat, but he’s not cooperating. Panic makes people stupid. I jump into the water and grab handfuls of his arse, pushing him up into the boat. I kick my legs furiously, but there’s no purchase.

    Slowly he pulls himself up, letting out an almighty fart right in my face. I gag as I pull myself back on board and Frank pats me on the back, “You sure today’s your last day Bill?”
    “You know what, I think I am. Hooray for retirement!”

    100 words

    Another odd week for me this week, found myself with a lot more time than usual to read and write which was a lovely surprise. Making progress on the sequel to Getting Lucky and I have almost finished Magaret Lockes wonderful book A Man of Character – not my typical genre but I’ve been enjoying it immensely!


  15. When I was young, the boat bellies were planets, each promising a world. I swam beneath them, chasing the artifacts they cast off. Plastic bags like jellyfish skins, crumpled cans, murderous nets – I collected them all.
    Sometimes, the tailless ones came down too. I’d spiral out of sight until the boats reclaimed them. Seeing them move between two worlds got me thinking, and when my chance came, I took it. I brought my mouth to the tailless one’s ear and whispered things I don’t regret. I collected him, then I collected his boat, and I left my choking sea behind.

    I’ve been meaning to check this site out and today turned out to be the day. Thanks for the inspiring prompt!


  16. Mars One

    Georgia and I moved together into the red wind, neither willing to be second. Her face through the glass-jar helmet was a specimen, pickled in ecstasy, frozen in delirium.

    My first thought was not, as I’d imagined, of Neil Armstrong. Or of my family, flattened by time to abstract crayon drawings on memory’s wall.

    As I stepped, my mind was on that first tetrapod to slump herself onto shore, gills gasping, forelimbs dragging her newly heavy body through the sucking sand. Was she chasing what I’m chasing? Mother of us all, she took a step and life broke open.

    * * *

    It’s a bad week; lots of people I love are hurting. But I’m grateful for summer weather and supportive communities like this. Seemed like a good day to try my first Warmup Wednesday!


  17. @firdausp
    I watched him from my side of the rowing boat. His black hair swept back neatly giving him a school boy look-my husband (arranged husband). A week ago we had an arranged marriage. Now here we were on our ‘honeymoon’ in a himalayan hill station, in the middle of a crowded lake.
    I threw some popcorn at the quacking ducks and reached out to touch one and almost lot my balance.
    “Careful!” He exclaimed, his eyes full of concern.
    I saw a flash of future- a balding grey haired man looking at me with tenderness and maybe even love…


    WC = 100 (06-11-15)

    Our mutual admiration society began as all relationships begin: similar values. However, the paths of interests diverged from the start. His path cobbled its way through a long stewardship of land and animals, with the accompanying smells and awe inspiring new beginnings in the form of births.

    My path crossed his path often in its divergence. I found ways to clear his path of overgrowth and obstruction. In the end our paths converged at the top of the hill where we mutually cleared our nexus of the detritus of our life. Together we leapt into the path of the cosmos.


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