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Flash! Friday # 24 — WINNERS!

YEEEEHAW, and yippee yi yay! You all WENT TO TOWN with the cowboy this week. What a romp it was, start to finish. Dark in places, bright in others, and clever all through. Really great job, everybody! Thanks for coming out to shoot a round with Flash! Friday. Thanks too to our own gunslinger/judge Dan Radmacher, for another fine bit o’ work.

As ever, be sure to check back Monday to see which of your stories will star at Flash Points; and join me Tuesday for Dragon Munchies. Wednesday will feature an interview with today’s winner. And new stories keep popping up throughout the week; they just won’t stay in the corral, no matter how mean the cowboy. Be sure to check back!


Judge Dan Radmacher says, As usual, a really good collection of stories all around. I like the different directions people went with the prompt. It led to some very interesting tales, making it hard to pick a winner.
Still, several stood out:



Crystal Alden“The Cowboys.” Great humor and dialogue. I would never have guessed an 8-year-old wrote this. Terrific ending! 


Kay Sully“Standoff.” What a great, little story. The writing brings the scene and the emotions to life. “His mustache was something to aspire to.” Really wonderful. 


S.J. O’Hart, “Standoff.” Great tension and descriptive writing. Wonderful cliffhanger of an ending. 


J.M. Mendur“Jake and Clem.” This was a fun read with a great surprise ending. Centaurs … and talking horses? Fantastic.

COMMENT ON THE TOP TWODeciding between the first runner-up and the winner was agonizing. Both of these stories were captivating and descriptive. Both deserve to win, but, alas, only one can.


Suzanne Purkis, “Blood and Honey.” I just loved this one. Great decision, taking it from Honey’s perspective. The description of the shadow riders was eerie. Well done.  

And our Flash! Friday first time winner (think twice before hiring him for your wedding)



for “Photo Shoot.”  The dialogue sings in this tight, well-constructed story. “Shot?” The one word gives us the tiniest taste of foreshadowing of the very satisfying conclusion.

Great story, with much more hinted at.

Congratulations, Imaginator! Here are your Winner’s Page, your super duper eBadge, and your winning Tale.  Please contact me asap (here) with your email address so I can interview you for Wednesday’s Sixty Seconds feature.

Photo Shoot

“This ok for ya?”

“Yeah that’s it, that’s great! Just stay still like that for me.”

“How much longer do I gotta stay like this?”

“Nearly there” said Jake as he poked his head out from underneath his photographer’s cowl, squinted at the man sat on the horse.

“Alright, now look down at your nose at me, and frown a bit – that’s it! Look mean!” he said, then ducked under the cowl again.

Eli put on his best scowl. “Say, you done taken pitchers of any of ma friends?”

“Like who?”

“Clayton McGraw, or Lantry Dawson?”

“Sure, in fact I think I shot one of ‘em just last week”

Eli wrinkled up his nose and squinted at the camera. “Shot?”

“Here we go!”

Flash, bang – the horse reared and Eli fell to the ground.

Jake ducked out from under the cowl, looked over at Eli’s still body as the horse bolted.

Frowning slightly, Jake walked over to where Eli lay face down in the dirt then stood looking down at him for a few moments, biting his bottom lip. Couching down next to him, Jake took a hold of Eli’s shoulder and turned him onto his back.

Eli’s head lolled to one side, blood dribbling out of the corner of his cracked lips and blossoming through the breast of his shirt.

“Yup, I shot that bastard alright; just like I’ll shoot the rest of your gang for what you did to my mother and father when you raided our ranch last year.”