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Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 18

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Friday! Today’s prompt is brought to you in honor of dangerous dragons @TodaysChapter (aka Craig Anderson) and @Karl_A_Russell (aka Karl Russell), who have demanded to know just what (mis)adventures prevented a timely posting of results last week. Rather than tell you straight out (because what sort of writer tells a story straight out!? horrifying prospect!), I am passing the honor to youdear ones, should you feel like taking a guess at it.  Special prize this week to the writer who comes closest!


I’m delighted to welcome to this week’s judging booth Worldbuilding Queen Alissa Leonard.  Not only is she a FF winner in her own right, and not only can her quick brain spin out textured universes faster than any writer I know, but she is one of my dearest friends in the world. As for what she’s looking for in a winning story, she says, I love stories that make me laugh, or make me cry, or make me sigh with longing, or sadness, or hope – that make me feel something. I love characters I can connect with and feel with and journey with. I am not the biggest fan of cliffhangers; I much prefer a story that feels complete and satisfying. I do love world-building – what lies before or beneath or behind the characters in your here and now – interesting places and times and settings, adding depth and mystery and showing me that the world is bigger than this moment and the character is more than this event.

Awards Ceremony: Results will post Sunday (for real this week). Noteworthy #SixtySeconds interviews with the previous week’s winner post Wednesdays.  I (Rebekah) post my own stuff sometimes on Tuesdays or Thursdays “just for fun.”   

Now let’s get to it!

Word limit150 word story (10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt.

HowPost your story here in the comments. Include your word count (140 – 160 words, exclusive of title) and Twitter handle if you’ve got one. If you’re new, don’t forget to check the contest guidelines.

Deadline11:59pm ET tonight (check the world clock if you need to; Flash! Friday is on Washington, DC time)

Winners: will post Sunday

Prize: The Flash! Friday e-dragon e-badge for your blog/wall, your own winner’s page here at FF, a 60-second interview next Wednesday, and your name flame-written on the Dragon Wall of Fame for posterity. 

***Today’s Dragon’s Bidding (required element to incorporate somewhere in your story; does not need to be the exact word unless instructed to do so, e.g. “include the names ‘Meriwether and William'”):


***Today’s Prompt:


Mill Creek Watershed

Mill Creek Watershed 1949. Public domain photo by Helmut Buechner.