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Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 37

YES! it really is Friday again. Can you stand it??? And what a marauding Friday it’s about to be! Thank you for stopping by to check out today’s prompt. As ever, I can’t wait to see where your mischievous brains take us.

Confession: today’s pic is a bit of a cheat again, and I’m terribly sorry about that. Pirates have a nasty habit of elbowing everyone else out of the way. You see, today in 1770 British explorer James Cook landed on Possession Island and claimed a rather large chunk of Australia in the name of King George III. Poor James was most certainly not a pirate, at least not technically, though surely he met a number of them in his day. Still, it’s hard to match him for mappery and brilliant navigation; no doubt he was voted Least Likely to Be Marooned on a Desert Island by his high school peers. Please therefore consider today’s unhappy buccaneer a salute to what dear JC was not.


Heading up the sea rovers as judge today is our own swashbuckling Aria Glazki. As she loves realistically motivated characters and vivid descriptions, today’s madcap trove of tales will most certainly keep many (though probably not all) of you from walking the plank. Read more about her personal preferences here.   


Awards Ceremony: Results will post Sunday. Noteworthy #SixtySeconds interviews with the previous week’s winner post Wednesdays.  I (Rebekah) post my own unbalanced writings sometimes on Tuesdays or Thursdays. And on Mondays, one of your own tales may be featured at #Flashpoints.  

Now, grab a pegleg and let’s get to it!

Word limit150 word story (10-word leeway) based on the photo prompt.

HowPost your story here in the comments. Include your word count (140 – 160 words, exclusive of title) and Twitter handle if you’ve got one. If you’re new, don’t forget to check the contest guidelines.

Deadline11:59pm ET tonight (check the world clock if you need to; Flash! Friday is on Washington, DC time)

Winners: will post Sunday

Prize: The Flash! Friday e-dragon e-badge for your blog/wall, your own winner’s page here at FF, a 60-second interview next Wednesday, and your name flame-written on the Dragon Wall of Fame for posterity. 

***Today’s Dragon’s Bidding (required element to incorporate somewhere in your story; does not need to be the exact word(s) unless instructed to do so, e.g. “include the name “Blackbeard'”):


***Today’s Prompt:


Marooned, by Howard Pyle, 1909. Public Domain.

Marooned, by Howard Pyle, 1909. Public Domain.