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Flash Dash!

Horse racing event, Tokyo. CC2.0 photo by Tsutomu Takasu.

Horse racing event, Tokyo. CC2.0 photo by Tsutomu Takasu

Welcome to the very first Flash Dash contest! The parameters are short and easy:

* One prompt [[SEE BELOW FOR PROMPT]]
* Word count: anything up to 500 words
* Time limit: 30 minutes (starting when this posts at 7 am Washington, DC time). At 7:30am THE DOOR SLAMS SHUT!
* Where/how: add your story as a comment to this post
* Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply

Today’s prizes:

* A Golden Ticket for inclusion in the Flash Dogs anthology (more about the Flash Dogs & their anthologies here). Mark “Golden Ticket” at the top/bottom of your story so we know you’re trying for it
* A brand new, color-changing Flash! Friday logo coffee mug
Winners will be chosen by the Flash! Friday team & will be announced Wednesday morning. If the winner is already in possession of a Golden Ticket, the prizes may be split between two winners, at the judging team’s discretion. 


BEGIN your story with the following sentence:

Winning was all that mattered.