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Flash! Friday # 20 — WINNERS!

What a way to celebrate the TWENTIETH round of Flash! Friday (where does the time go?? it was just born!). You all take my flames away (in a good way); it’s such a pleasure seeing familiar faces and new ones too each round.  Keep coming back, and keep commenting on each other’s stories; YOU are making this contest the vibrant and awesome thing it is. Thank you.

Remember to check back Monday to see which story will be highlighted at Flash Points, and join me Tuesday for Dragon Munchies and my own unbalanced fiction.

WEDDING NOTE: The deadline for the flash fiction bridal shower (#DFQWBS) for Fairy Queen Anna Meade  is Monday, Apr 22. Still time to add your wedding-themed tale! Details here.


Judge Patricia McCommas says, This was a difficult decision, as all the stories were really good. I would give them all an honorable mention just for putting forth the effort to share their creative muse (comedic or not) with us! I loved all the different approaches, and I love LOVE judging. What a privilege reading the myriad creative stories from a single pic. Thank you, writers!



  • Marissa Ames“Katherine.” Didn’t see the end of this story coming. Well done.
  • Marie McKay, “Daisy, Daisy… Daisy?” I really loved the originality of this story, especially once it was explained to me what photo bombing is <g>.
  • Clive Newnham, “Chevalier de Seinparis.” Very creative and original. Love the inclusion of French.
  • Aria Glazki, “Untold Trauma.” Great job incorporating the expressions in the photo. 


Curtis Perry“Poor Eugene.” Hilarious and well done.


The Imaginator“Quiddany.” This was really funny and creative, with the story matching the expressions in the photo perfectly.


H.L. Pauff, “Cold Feet.” Excellent and creative. I had to read this several time to catch all the nuances. It wasn’t until the third reading that I realized all her responses were related to what she was viewing. LOL. Very funny. 

And our Be Careful, Little Mouth, What You Say



Excellent! Well written, creative and original. Love the twist at the end.

Congratulations, Beth! Here are your Winner’s Page, your eBadge (below), and your winning Tale. Please contact me asap with your email address  so I can interview you for Wednesday’s “Sixty Seconds” feature.

Don’t Fight the Muse

Ronald was furious. “Look at this crap that gets published. You’re supposed to be my muse! I know I’m capable of writing something better than this hack! What do you think you’re doing just sitting there staring blankly while I’m struggling to write. Start doing your job!”

Even after this impassioned plea, Ronald could not get a response out of Helen. She continued to act as if she could not even hear him. In the past she used to offer advice, suggest ideas for stories, or give him quotes that were supposed to inspire his creativity. Ronald rarely used her ideas and often blamed her for leading his writing astray, but at least in the past she had acted like his writing mattered to her. Now she treated him like an invisible spirit whenever he sought her help. Her behavior was completely unacceptable!

“Are you going to answer me? Look at this tripe! I am definitely a more accomplished writer than this fool. Why is C.J. Whittaker getting published when I’m not? Are you deliberately sabotaging me?” Ronald continued to rant until his throat was sore, but Helen never even blinked. After an hour of yelling, he stormed out of the house and spent the rest of the evening at a nearby tavern.

Helen sat silently for several minutes after he’d gone, then she calmly went into the library and sat down at the typewriter. She had a new idea for a story, and she knew her editor was anxiously waiting for another piece from C.J. Whittaker. As she began typing, she wondered vaguely if it had really been necessary to choose a pseudonym so different from her own name. After all, Ronald apparently wasn’t smart enough to realize when he was reading a description of himself.


Dragon Munchies: A Whole Tale in Just One Bite

Super short original tales to snack on

by Rebekah Postupak  

Dragon Munchies Cereal

The End of the Problem of the End

A Tale for Her Majesty

(Wanna write one too? #DFQWBS rules here.)

698 words

“We have a problem,” said Dashing Rogue, “and I would like to remind everyone firstly that I am very, very good-looking; and secondly, that I had no part in creating it. I couldn’t have, as I was somewhere else at the time, whatever time that was.”

Brooding Millionaire mumbled something.

“Speak up!” said Overbearing Mother, who was busy trimming a bonsai plant, transcribing her neighbor’s comings and goings, and organizing a local horse race. “No one’s going to marry you if they can’t understand you, and that’s on top of your physical defect that is alluded to frequently in order to garner sympathy.”

“Don’t talk to him like that,” said Spunky Sister. “He’ll marry whenever the time is right, just as I will, in a most unexpected yet heartwarming way that leaves no loose ends but allows for the possibility of a sequel. Pray continue, Rogue. What is our problem?”

“I wanted to ask that but was too shy,” said Shrinking Violet. “I am counting on my dark eyes and secret charitable work to bring me to the forefront, though this will shock me greatly.”

Dashing Rogue leaned back and cupped his stubble-covered chin in his hands. “Kindly ignore the discomfort I am experiencing while in this pose,” he said, “and admire my Grecian profile. The problem is we have run out of happy endings. You may all gasp in horror now.”

Everyone gasped in horror.

“I’m pretty sure a happy ending was reserved for me,” said Pure-hearted Loner Who Has Suffered A Tragedy But Gotten Over It Admirably.

Spunky Sister nodded. “It’s in our contracts,” she said. “It has to be; we’re American.”

“That’s just it. We’ve all been promised happy endings, but the caterer says they’re fresh out.” (This from Rogue.)

“I suddenly produce a relevant scientific study I coincidentally undertook while secretly adopting a street-smart but heart-of-gold foreign orphan who has broken down my defense mechanisms,” said Brooding Millionaire, producing a thick manila envelope and laying it on the conference table.

Couldn’t the caterer call backup? Shrinking Violet wondered.

Overbearing Mother frowned. “Violet! We don’t want your thoughts; this is a third person distant point of view.”

“I stand up to you, Mother, at last, to defend Shrinking Violet!” said Brooding Millionaire.

“Nice work, Brooding!” Still Rogue, despite increased difficulty maintaining his Grecian profile pose, what with the charley horse in his left calf. “And the caterer says there’s no backup.”

“Then what’s the point of this meeting?” said Pure-hearted Loner Who Has Suffered A Tragedy But Gotten Over It Admirably miserably.

Spunky Sister pounded her agreement on the table. “Hear, hear! We want our happy endings! Even though I’ve counted and we’ve three marriageable women and only two men, making it mathematically unlikely!”

Dashing Rogue and Brooding Millionaire eyed each other suspiciously. “One of us has the solution,” said one of them.

“It could be me,” whispered Shrinking Violet.

“More likely me,” said Spunky Sister cheerfully, “or poor Loner, who’s only been given two lines.”

“No! It’s I!” shouted Deus Ex Machina, striding into the room and flinging gigantic happy endings every which way.

Dashing Rogue ducked a particularly flashy one. “Didn’t see that coming! Ah well. Marry me, Shrinking Violet!”

“All right,” said Shrinking Violet in shock.

“Marry me, please, dear Loner,” said Brooding Millionaire. “I’ve heaps of money, as well as the little orphan who won your heart when I mentioned him earlier.”

“Okay,” said Pure-hearted Loner Who Has Suffered A Tragedy But Gotten Over It Admirably. “But I—”

“YOU ONLY GET TWO LINES,” shouted Overbearing Mother, only slightly before Deus Ex Machina knocked her over with a small but gratifying happy ending of her own.

“Marry me, Machina?” said Spunky Sister. “I think we’d get along just fine.”

“Absolutely!” said Deus ex Machina, proffering his arm.

“Golly,” said the caterer, surveying the mess after everyone had gone, “am I out of happy endings again?

One which had worked itself into the ceiling tiles now worked itself back out and floated down to land on her head.

“Ahhh, yes, that’s right,” sighed the caterer contentedly. “I forgot. There’s always one to be found when one remembers to stop looking.”

THE (happy) END (happy)

Flash! Friday # 19

I now pronounce this round of Flash! Friday… CLOSED!!! Many thanks to all participants–writers, readers, and commenters alike. Keep reading & commenting! These bridal tales are now in the capable hands of judge Monica Heffner; check back tomorrow (Saturday afternoon ET) for results.

Welcome to a super special bubbly round of #FlashFridayFic. (Yearning for contest rules?) Many of you already know Fairy Queen Anna Meade, whose glorious wedding is just ’round the corner. To celebrate Said Nuptuals, Laura Jamez, Miranda Boers, and I are throwing the world’s FIRST (maybe), BIGGEST (possibly), and MOST AWESOME (definitely) flash fiction bridal shower. The shower runs from April 8 – 22, and the whole world’s invited. {{Shower guidelines here; Twitter hashtag #DFQWBS.}}

So in honor of the #DFQWBS in honor of the wedding in honor of the Fairy Queen, Flash! Friday Round 19 is wedding themed. Use today’s contest as a chance to write your bridal shower entry if you wish* or just to explore All Things Weddingeth (and yes, of COURSE dragons are welcome! ahhh, the havoc!). Our noble Judge/Justice of the Peace is our own fairylike SVW member and Round 12 winner Monica Heffner.

* NOTE: For inclusion in the bridal shower, you will still need to submit your story according to shower guidelines.

And now (ring the bells!) it’s contest time.

Word limit: 300-500 word story based on the photo prompt.

* How: Post your story here in the comments. Include your word count (300-500 words, exclusive of title) and Twitter handle if you’ve got one.

* Deadline: 11:59pm ET tonight (that’s 4:59am Saturday in London; 1:59pm Saturday in Brisbane, for our darling international dragons)

Winners: will post tomorrow (Saturday)

Prize: A top-of-the-line e-trophy e-dragon e-badge, your own bridesmaid/groomsman’s winner’s page here at FF, a 60-second interview feature next Wednesday, and YOUR NAME WRITTEN IN THE STARS (or at least shouted across Twitter). NOTE: Winning and non-winning stories alike remain eligible for selection for Monday’s Flash Points. 

* Follow @FlashFridayFic on Twitter for up-to-date news/announcements/dragon wedding prank ideas.  And now for your prompt:

Bride Runaway

Photo courtesy of Taliesin