Splickety Publishing Group

is your premier source for “quick fic with kick.” We publish three quarterly flash fiction magazines to satisfy the appetites of voracious readers with short attention spans.


 Splickety Prime (formerly Splickety Magazine) offers flash in a variety of genres, including historical, thriller, action/adventure, suspense, mystery, contemporary, and more.

Love Logo

Splickety Love, our romance imprint, features little love stories that will capture your heart and keep you begging for more.

Havok Logo

Havok showcases the speculative genres you love — fantasy, science fiction, superhero, horror, paranormal, steampunk, and beyond.

To find out more information about Splickety, visit our website. If you’re interested in writing flash fiction for any of Splickety’s magazines, check out our submission guidelines and 2015 themes.

As our way of saying thanks to the awesome Flash! Friday readers, we’d like to offer you a special subscription deal. Normally, an annual subscription to all three digital magazines costs $24.95. but we want to give you a yearly subscription to Splickety Prime, Splickety Love, and Havok for just $19.95. Not only that, if you take advantage of this offer, we’ll include some bonuses:


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