Erin McCabe

Erin McCabeI love flash fiction that has a twist or reveal, something that keeps the reader guessing right until the end or ushers them towards epiphany.

I enjoy dark humour, clever dialogue which flows well, and I love those unique stories where people are able to build worlds and back-story which the reader is able to interpret through only a few clues. Most importantly, a piece needs to have an apt title, a great ending, and be grammatically correct. 


Erin is a writer from Glasglow, Scotland. She is 32 and works for the National Health Service in a Public Health Emergency Planning role. She lives with her husband Lewis and cat “Eggy.” She has a soft spot for British comedy fan fiction, and she has dabbled in writing erotica. Her favourite author is Christopher Fowler, a London-based writer who has a unique tone and cynicism which fuel his black comedy. 

Erin has a short story appearing in the Dead Files (Volume 5), an ebook published by the UK Zombie Defence League. She is in love with the zombie genre, especially when the stories are implanted into ordinary, every day scenarios. She would like to develop her published vignette into a full novel, which combines comedy, romance, horror, and suspense in a specifically British contemporary zombie tale. Follow her on Twitter.

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