Rebekah Postupak

RP Profile Pic 2Co-SVW founding member Rebekah Postupak (@postupak; along with fabulous publisher/editor Susan Warren Utley) wishes she could explain her obsession with dragons. They’re powerful. Clever. Witty. Fiercely, unwaveringly dedicated to protecting what’s important to them. They spend their lives searching relentlessly for beauty in stone and glass able to equal the gleam and splendor of their scales–desperately insecure, terrified of the possibility something may be more awesome than they. They love napping in the cold, dark of the deep, but they also love ripping through the sky, wings spread. And their voices thunder from beneath the mountains like living volcanoes.

Oh. Maybe that’s why.

When not obsessing over dragons, Rebekah obsesses over flash fiction, having written hundreds of such stories for contests and magazines. In 2012, she and editor/publisher Susan Warren Utley of Haunted Waters Press founded Shenandoah Valley Writers, an online writing community. Rebekah’s work has appeared in multiple publications, most recently including From the Depths (where she is also member of the creative team), Postcard Shorts, and Flash Fiction World, though she won’t really be happy until she finishes writing her current novel, Dragon Hunters. Nag her about it, please, until she does.

She lives in Virginia and loves (1) Jesus, (2) her Prince Most Exceedingly Charming, (3) her clever dragonlings, and (4) jalapenos, which are like dragons you can eat.

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