Flash Fiction Online



In December of 2007, Flash Fiction Online (FFO) put on this mortal coil, its pages dedicated to the challenging, exciting, and elegant storytelling form known as flash fiction.  

To quote from our guidelines: “Flash fiction is very short (less than 1000 words) but still a story, complete with a resolved plot and strong, interesting characters.”

At least that’s our definition.  Yours may differ.  But the challenges of writing short-short fiction and the wondrous results that land on our virtual desk because of them are what keep us playing the game.

On our 7th Anniversary, we’re excited to be part of Flash! Friday’s 2nd Anniversary Challenge.  Good luck to all!

Flash Fiction Online judging team:

Anna Yeats (Owner/Publisher)
Anna’s inner geek girl is addicted to all things wondrous, offbeat, quirky, and odd, and is usually found reading in a corner somewhere.  When not writing, Anna obsesses over baked goods, collects high heels, and wrangles a small menagerie of two cats, two dogs, two children, and one incredibly patient husband.  Follow her at annayeatts.com or on Twitter @AnnaYeatts

Suzanne Vincent (Editor-in-Chief)
Suzanne wears far too many hats than is healthy, but she manages somehow.  Her favorites, though, are mom and beekeeper.  Writer and editor are WAY down on the list.  😀

Chris Phillips (Team Leader)
Chris Phillips was born in Kentucky, but being the son of a traveling preacher, he grew up across the country from the Midwest to the Deep South, devouring a buffet of American culture. In 2007 he earned an English degree from Ohio State, and he is now pursuing an MFA at Seton Hill University. You can find him atwww.strandedinfiction.com

Brent Baldwin
Brent Baldwin is a software engineer and writer from the tree swept hills of the Missouri Ozarks. He is a fervent believer in airplanes, air conditioning and Samwise Gamgee. If you find him without his nose in a book or his hands on a keyboard, he would probably be happy to trade you two sheep for an ore.  Brent can be found online at www.dbbaldwin.com

Denise Ganley
Denise Ganley is a Phoenician and a pluviophile, which is a bit of a problem. She’s also a writer currently experiencing a Groundhog Day phenomenon with her first novel.

Elizabeth Shack
Elizabeth Shack lives in central Illinois and has worked as a software copywriter, a newspaper reporter, and a tour guide at a NASA visitor center. Her work has been published in Daily Science Fiction and other magazines and anthologies.

Nancy Greene
Nancy is a mom, a writer, and a lawyer.  Before becoming a published writer, she had been a blackjack dealer, florist, tax for coder, and worked in professional theater.  When she says she has a normal, boring life, she is often puzzled when people burst out laughing.

Lydia Ondrusek
Lydia is old enough to remember when flash was a dance. Some people think she is a poet, some think she’s a fictioneer — but many think she is a cat. Her redheaded stepchild of a website is lydiaondrusek.com. Look under the bed at Twitter to find her as @littlefluffycat

Damon Shaw
Damon Shaw is a writer, designer and carpenter on a volcanic island off the coast of Africa. You can check out his woodwork at Hanging Gardens Lanzarote on facebook, and his writing at Daily Science Fiction, several Lethe Press Anthologies, Bull Spec, AE, and once, a long time ago, at Flash Fiction Online.

Patrick Icasas
Patrick is a Filipino-Canadian freelance writer who blogs for money, although he’s perfectly happy writing fiction for free (for now). When not at his keyboard habitat, Patrick is usually playing with his daughter or being sarcastic to someone. 

 Yvette Keller
Yvette is a lifelong reader who lives, reads, and writes in Camelot, aka Santa Barbara, CA.  Her ultimate fantasy involves winning a Campbell and a Hugo, and having a fancy costume party to celebrate attended by Guy Gavriel Kay, Patricia McKillip, Mercedes Lackey, Mary Robinette Kowall, Neil Gaiman, and a cardboard cutout of Douglas Adams.

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