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Flash! Future: Meet & Greet II

WELCOME to another special edition of Flash! Future! Rounding out our Sunday tradition of featuring writers from around the world, this is our second of two posts specifically highlighting Fire&Ice writers. (Note that once we close up shop, all Flash! Future posts and interviews, like your stories, will remain accessible in our archives: just look for the corresponding link in the sidebar after December 21.)

It’s a privilege today to (officially) introduce to you two writers whose names you doubtless already know from their consistent & memorable tales, as well as their set of Honorable Mentions: TadK and Jethro Weyman.  Welcome to the mic, O Ye Writers! Take it away. 


 Name: Tad Kelson (TadK/Gamerwriter)

Tell us something about yourself!  

I’m a longtime gamer, sometime writer in his mid 50s, married, Vet, administrative and paperwork sort of fellow. I’ve been writing on and off for a good 30-some years.

Tell us, what’s 2020 been like for you?

2020 has been interesting. Have spent most of it working from home, dealing with some household and family challenges, and of course, the pandemic.

Could you share some of your personal hopes and goals for 2021? Anything to share with the F&I community?

Planning to finish up two WIP, get my Patreon back up and running, and work on personal stuff like weight and debt. About it for 2021 for goals—that is enough to start with right? To the others in Fire&Ice: What a great array of writing and talent. As of Sol 13 I have one mention, which is way more than I anticipated. So keep on writing all ya all.

Tell us about your published life! 

I have one self-published novella on Amazon titled Red Hollows. It is a spin on Little Red Riding Hood, from the perspective of her son and the now-undead wolf of the original tale. Portal Fiction in nature and a couple of sequels planned, never written.

Where can we find you and your work?

Follow me on Twitter here. Find my novella on Amazon here

Name: Jethro Weyman

Tell us something about yourself!

I’m a neuro-specialist physiotherapist managing a small five-person team in the NHS in Birmingham (UK). I try to make the most of the outdoors, either on foot or on my bike but… lockdown. I do a bit of bouldering and very occasional yoga. Oh yeah, and I write books!

How has 2020 been for you?

2020 has been very busy… I went to Brazil just before lockdown, started the new job (extra challenging with COVID!), bought and moved into my new house and tried my hand at being a film extra… so basically, not enough writing!

What are your hopes & goals for the coming year? Any comments for the Fire&Ice community?

I would love to have one of my full-length novels out in 2021 (come on, agents!) as well as get my screenwriting projects in front of the right people.

Joining in with Flash!Friday has been a great experience too… I hope it returns! There’s so much talent in this group and it’s amazing to see such variety in interpretation.

Tell us a little something about your published work!

Bang to Begin is a series of interconnected short stories of a number of different genres, from sci-fi-horror to fantasy-suspense. It has been described as ‘a bit like Black Mirror,’ but mostly, it’s a dark and twisty look at the human perception of fate – hence the tagline “Reality is Relative.”

Please check out the links below!

Find a copy of Jethro’s work on AmazonUK or AmazonUSA. Of course be sure to follow him on Twitter.

Flash! Future: Meet & Greet

WELCOME to a special edition of Flash! Future! For Rebekah and me, Fire&Ice has always been about y’all: giving back to, and uplifting this community, as much as we’re able in the sliver of time that we have. To that end, we’re taking the next two Flash! Future Sundays to spotlight a few brave dragons, some who’ve been with us from The Before Times with Flash! Friday, and some who are new—and oh so welcome!—in the lair. Today, it is our privilege to introduce you to two writers who have caught our fiery Judges’ eyes on more than one occasion with multiple shout-outs and even, in Maggie’s case, a Runner Up! Join us as we sit down with P.A. Duncan (known to her friends as “Maggie”) and Bill Engleson for a quick check in on them, their books, and life in 2020. As always, your comments are most welcome!     




Name: P.A. Duncan

BIO: P. A. Duncan is a former aviation safety official and ex-bureaucrat with an overactive imagination. She writes about history, politics, and spies in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where she also watches NASCAR, cheers for the New York Yankees, and spoils grandchildren.

Tell us, what’s 2020 been like for you?

(P.A. Duncan:) This year has not been easy on any of us. I thought in lockdown I’d find plenty of time to write, and I did. Sort of. I decided to try a flash-publishing experiment: three books in three months. That kept me so busy formatting, getting covers done, reviewing proofs, etc., that I hardly had time to write—until Flash!Friday and NaNoWriMo came along.

Could you share some of your personal hopes and goals for 2021?

(P.A. Duncan:) For 2021, I hope to publish two novels and a collection of short stories—though in 12 months not three—and I hope to join my fellow Fire&Ice writers for even more flash fiction!

Give us the blurb for your next published work! 

A cabal recruits two boys for a mission that could cost one his life. A man trapped in East Berlin will do anything to return to his family. From these lives we learn love is eternal and forgives almost anything.

But love is also sometimes the perfect companion for death.

Description of Love Death: A Cold War Novel, inspired by “Liebestod” from Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde; publication date: 2/14/21

Looking for more? Check out P.A. Duncan’s links below!

Find P.A. Duncan’s other novels and novelettes, blog and book trailers on her website. She also hosts the must-listen-to podcast “Real Spies, Real Lives” and all her works can be found here

Cover of LACTH with badge

Name: Bill Engleson

What’s 2020 looked like for you?

(Bill Engleson:) I wish I could say that a lot has changed for me. I am a volunteer…zoom helps with that. I am a writer and I have certainly written oodles during the Pandemic. In fact this winter, my poetry will appear in their anthologies, two of them Pandemic-themed.

What are your hopes & goals for 2021?

(Bill Engleson:) I am seventy-three. For 2021, I hope for a productive writing year and my share of good health.

What words of encouragement would you offer our fellow writers?

My dear fellow writers, keep writing. Flash, whatever you write and share your work at every opportunity.

Have a blurb of your published work to share?

Like a Child to Home is my first published work. It tells the story of Wally Rose, a Provincial Government Child Protection Worker, and the kids in his charge. Yes, it is slightly autobiographical…slightly.

Do check out the links below!

Find Bill Engleson’s novel and essays at his website along with his bio and contact info. You can purchase his works through Amazon or his Publisher.

Flash! Future: Freelance Writing

WELCOME TO FLASH! FUTURE! In last week’s post we took a look back at the writers it’s been our pleasure featuring here at Fire&Ice. And then we craned our necks even further and revisited interviews with a few writing professionals from old Flash! Friday times, such as Carol Tice and Lisa Crayton.

Today I’m excited to share with you a couple of recent interviews—including one from just this week—Carol Tice gave on building a freelance writing business via nonfiction and other types of writing. [Even dragon-writers need to pay rent, eh? 😀 ] Can writers still make money during a pandemic? Carol Tice says the answer’s a resounding yes, even for writers new to nonfiction. It’s a different direction than we usually follow here at F&I, but I found her practical, experience-based suggestions to be as inspiring & encouraging as ever. I hope you do too!

How to Break Into Freelance Writing in 2020

How to Recession-Proof Your Writing Business