Flash! Future: Freelance Writing

WELCOME TO FLASH! FUTURE! In last week’s post we took a look back at the writers it’s been our pleasure featuring here at Fire&Ice. And then we craned our necks even further and revisited interviews with a few writing professionals from old Flash! Friday times, such as Carol Tice and Lisa Crayton.

Today I’m excited to share with you a couple of recent interviews—including one from just this week—Carol Tice gave on building a freelance writing business via nonfiction and other types of writing. [Even dragon-writers need to pay rent, eh? 😀 ] Can writers still make money during a pandemic? Carol Tice says the answer’s a resounding yes, even for writers new to nonfiction. It’s a different direction than we usually follow here at F&I, but I found her practical, experience-based suggestions to be as inspiring & encouraging as ever. I hope you do too!

How to Break Into Freelance Writing in 2020

How to Recession-Proof Your Writing Business

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