Flash! Future: World-building

WELCOME, you magnificent weavers of worlds! A glittering salute to all of you who carpe-d the Frideim; it takes a true flash fictioneer to pull off a story in only–and exactly!–75 words. For that you have my admiration! Consider this the sister post to last Sunday’s Flash! Future on N.K. Jemisin. Today, we dive into a workshop she did for WIRED on the importance of mindful myth-making, and how powerfully, at times dangerously, the stories we tell influence our society. Originally aired on November 11, 2019, it remains both profoundly relevant and graciously insightful. Click the image below.

Broken Earth


N.K. Jemisin on World-building, the real-world impacts of fiction, and, of course, “tentacle sharks”…

Tell us your thoughts! What spoke to you especially? Jemisin mentions the book Writing the Other by Nisi Shawl & Cynthia Ward as one she’s found super helpful; are there world-building resources or tools you use and recommend? Share them in the comments!

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