Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

Note: As we begin closing operations here at Flash! Friday, this will be the final Warmup Wednesday. I confess I will miss it a great deal more than I’d expected; its quiet, low-key nature has always felt so homey to me. Many thanks to all of you who took part on Wednesdays, for daring to share your work with the world.   

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: include the beginning or end of some sort of competition.

Ancient Roman theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. CC3.0 photo © Plamen Agov • studiolemontree.com

Ancient Roman theater, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. CC3.0 photo © Plamen Agov • studiolemontree.com

8 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. Buttnik

    I hate Monday mornings.

    Gym, first freakin’ class.

    Old man Buttnik, the boy’s gym teacher is a stickler for physical fitness.

    Like a robot, he starts each torture session with the same pathetic pep talk, “I won’t go to my grave leaving one more ounce of flab on you boys than is necessary.”

    Then, he starts yelling “GOGOGO, my babies, the twenty minute marathon.”

    Walter Wanker High, named after the cities first Mayor, is plunked against a coal-tailings hillside.

    You can’t outrun the foul scum that weasels into you.

    Rest of the day, you smell like an old dead dog.

    100 black lung memories
    I really wanted to write something funny today. It just wasn’t there. Have to say I have had a blast with Warm-up Wednesday. Thank God I have Wednesday Pickle Ball to fall back on.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear you’re closing the site, was horrified and so sad, if I’m being honest, but I understand sometimes things are necessary to do. I will miss you, Rebekah. You and the Friday! Flash gang have become a huge part of my life even though I’ve been absent for a spell while I’ve been
    attending personal matters with my youngest. Having said that, I have no doubt we’ll meet again, and life will match onwards. My sincere gratitude for graciously including and accepting me into your universe, and all my very best to you in all your endeavors. Happy Thanksgiving, until we meet again.


  3. Deconstructing Buttnik

    “Seriously! The finale, the last Wednesday Warm-up and the best you got is ‘Buttnik’?”

    “I know. I buckled. The pressure…”

    “Buckled? You didn’t even come close to belting it out of the page. Like, no reference to the Roman theatre. What’s with that?”

    “In the first draft, Buttnik was also the drama teacher. I thought that would cover that. But, heck, we only have one hundred words. It didn’t make the cut.”

    “Okay, what about including “some sort of competition?”

    “You’re right. I wasn’t thinking, A complete bust. Rebekah deserved much better. Are she got was bupkis.”


    “Right. Buttnik.”

    100 critiques


  4. New Arrival

    What? I’m late? Dammit, I didn’t even know. I mean, how can I be expected… okay, it’s all right. I’ve been working up to this. It’s a larger venue, lots more people – wow that’s a lot of people!

    Hey, I got this. Every competition is between you and the goal, just do your best. I’ve been hearing that forever, why can’t I believe it?

    All right, first time, not my best performance but it’s okay. Can’t expect to finish at the top right away. They’ll be plenty more chances.

    Wait, the whole thing is closing down? But… aww geez.

    100 words


  5. @stellakateT
    100 words
    What shall I do on a Friday?

    Found in an alley clutching a postcard of the theatre tight to her chest Stella couldn’t read anymore after, ‘Dear Stella it is with a heavy heart that FlashFridayFic has to end.’ How would she manage without Rebekah’s wit and support when she was having a self-depreciating moment. What about
    Monday’s results and even if Stella hadn’t time to sub that week she scrolled down the list ready to congratulate the Flashdogs et al. “Stop feeling sorry for yourself” So thanks your Dragoness for all your hard work over the years for promoting and making us all better Flash Fictionists.


  6. Words: 100

    Echoes of Life

    The ghostly images of tourists haunted the arena. They walked around, pointing, talking, laughing. Some fought mock fights while others looked on.

    On the other side the gladiator stood among his fellow fighters. All had fought here, all had died here. The sounds of the fighting still reverberated through the arena at night and sometimes they themselves were startled by the intensity of the echoes of their deeds.

    Another piece of the arena crumbled to dust. No more tourists came. Some archaeologists rummaged in the ground for clues to the past. Still the lives of the lost warriors echoed on.


  7. @firdausp
    (100 words and 40 giggles (so I cheated😁)

    The murder of English

    The school amphitheater was abuzz with guests, students and parents. Excitement emanated from the crowd as they waited for the founder’s day senior school musical performance to begin. We girls, the performers, were backstage. Anxious, talking, giggling etcetra etcetra. Then comes along our swimming coach (he was the teacher on duty to see that we ‘behave’ backstage’)
    He was a little miffed by our constant chatter so he reprimanded us, “Stop the noise or I will ‘rape’ you all.”
    (You can pick up your jaw from from the floor, he meant to ‘rap’ us on the head)
    Well the giggling just increased, so he came up with this gem: “Stop the giggling or I’ll call the Principal, he just passed away in the corridor.”
    I must tell you, the musical was a hit, and no, the princpal had just passed by, not away!

    I’ve had a wonderful time here. Sad it’s coming to an end 😔 but I’m taking away so much. Thankyou Rebekah. All the best for your future. I will miss this so much. 😢


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