Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelines regarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, pretty please.

And a few words on how your week’s going? We don’t stand on ceremony here. 

 This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: in honor of this week’s Spotlight interview, include a teacher.

Secret Book. CC2.0 photo by STML.

Secret Book. CC2.0 photo by STML.

8 thoughts on “Warmup Wednesday!

  1. Getting good Marx

    “Books! What have I taught about books, Fluegel?”

    Fluegel panics. Three flaming cowlicks flare like feathers on his sweaty head. He squirms in every direction possible. Deer eyes finally lock onto his teacher, Professor Phineas P. Picklesworth.


    “I’m waiting, Mister Fleugel. Surely that rubbery tongue of yours does more than catch flies…?”

    Fluegel’s noggin shakes as if it is trapped inside a cement mixer.

    “Okay Fluegel, what did Groucho say?”

    A dim light flickers!

    “He said, sir, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

    “Bravo, Fluegel.”

    100 books on the nose


  2. True story!

    Little Firdie and Little Vandy
    All of six years old
    Never listened to the teacher
    Never did what was told

    Always up to some mischief
    Sometimes this and sometimes that
    Made the other children giggle
    What a pair of dreadful brats

    One day it came about
    They broke a golden rule
    No chewing gum in class
    Not anywhere in school

    Munching like a pair of cows
    Oblivious to their doom
    They blew a couple bubbles
    For the delightful classroom

    The teacher wasn’t happy
    With much anger she rose
    And ordered the little ones
    To stick the gum on their nose

    100 words, no cheating

    The week has been good. Got interviewed by a fantastic international blog.(Something called FF😊) Had my moments of fame 😎. Dumped my nanowriting into the blender (all of the 256 words), thought that might break them up into more! (Psst…it does not work).


    DJ Chapman, WC = 100

    “THE GREATEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD.” At least that’s what Mrs. Wiseman’s trophy said. She remained in my mind just that.

    “Think freely, read widely, and act responsibly,” she repeated. Were it not for her at that time in my life, I would not have become the person I am.

    Mrs. Wiseman would probably have disapproved of my carving up an internationally acclaimed novel just to hide my current read. But, James Joyce would have enjoyed my clandestine Ulysses-like journey just to catch a few pages of McLuhan nightly. After all, the medium, in this whittled manner, is the message!

    Prepping for my farmer’s market. Tomorrow: harvesting heritage turkeys. Writing /drawing signage. Daydreaming.


  4. I didn’t hide the pages so well
    100 Words

    Cutting a crevice into a book made me feel so bad I kept what I’d taken. But it was necessary. They were coming and it had to be hidden.

    So I slipped it in and filed it away, lost it in Bliss.

    I was shocked when they arrived. Their Captain had been my teacher, was once my favourite.

    Now he wore their superior snarl; when he recognised me, it melted into a smile.

    Once I would have told him anything, any secret. Now, though, having seen his true face, I made a vow that nothing would let this secret slip.

    My week? Not too bad. Made a Vine at work for high five a librarian day, reading more for my library dissertation, managed to squeeze a library joke into this, rambling nicely, all good.


  5. BOOKS
    (word count 100)

    Stern-faced she sat at her desk. In the middle, books were piled high. Our tongues felt like lead as we said our times tables over and over again.

    The wind blew in through the door and the books tumbled to the floor. One book sprang open and beautiful music filled the classroom. We sat open-mouthed with the last of the times-table poised on our tongues.

    Rising from the book, a stream of petals swept up to the ceiling and fell in cascades over us. Birds came alive with songs and perched on her head. There were tears in teacher’s eyes.


  6. I forgot to write some information about ME! My week is filled with writing a children’s chapter book and flash fiction. Had a few stories published. It’s very hot Down Under at the moment (about 108deg f. ).


  7. Outsider
    100 words

    “Excuse me,” she said quietly, preparing to dart out the bookstore doorway. Instead, he held the door open for her. “After you,” he said cordially.

    She slipped past him quickly, glimpsing enough of his face to wish longingly.

    Never gonna happen, she thought, tightening her TARDIS scarf around her neck.

    One week later, another bookstore. She headed to a quiet seat for the poetry reading and she scanned the crowd on the way. She saw a familiar face and a familiar pull.

    He saw her. “Bow ties are cool.” he winked and adjusted the scrap of cloth under his chin.


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