Happy Ending Sad

(A little story while you wait for results. ♥ )

Sand shark. CC2.0 photo by Mark Probst.

Sand shark. CC2.0 photo by Mark Probst.

Happy Ending Sad
by Rebekah Postupak

The End

(Or so they thought)

Adrift and lost, they clung to wreckage — alive

While sharks circled, begging the ship’s remains: a duet of human snacks, no less, on the menu

The pair’s desperate cry for aid

–was then devoured by–

The roar of a thousand ancient dreams exiting the past

And in that immortal instant everything changed

They realized daylight could never again be

Overwhelmed by darkness

For together they had looked into the deep and witnessed hope

Their hearts burst in purple wonder

Talking of cabbages and kings,

Once upon a time


This is a palindromic story: reading top to bottom, or bottom to top, yields opposite outcomes for our shipwrecked protagonists. The story was inspired by one of lit agent Janet Reid’s many flash contests, with the constraints of <100 words and incorporating five list words (lesson, remains, snack, bag, exit). The story went unnoticed and unremarked this round: but hearty hurrahs for our own Michael Seese whose tragic story of death (Michael, you are waaaaay too good at knocking people off) took the cake. Three cheers for Michael! 

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